Why is the Tire Distributor Meeting Now Low-key?

Why is the Tire Distributor Meeting Now Low-key?

Nowadays, many tyre distributors conferences are very confidential, and reports about these conferences are so obscure that no information is disclosed. Does the low-key, closed-door meeting method protect or restrict the implementation of enterprise strategic planning?

1. Why are tyre distributors different in these days?

For example, at the end of every year, each major tyre enterprise holds tyre distributors annual meeting with great momentum. In previous years, tyre enterprises would publicize them with great fanfare when they held distributors meetings, but this year seems to have much less publicity of the conference. It stands to reason that the distributor conference is a time for high-level enterprise officials, employees, business partners, and suppliers to gather together. If enterprises want to expand their influence, they must promote the conference vigorously. However, many tyre factories cover up their reports, deliberately downplay or even fail to report the conference. Why do they keep a low profile?

2. Tyre distributors are worried about leaking secrets

The big point is that it is so high-profile that secrets may leaked. The distributor conference is a platform for announcing the tyre factory’s policy. The tyre factory’s strategy is very important information for competitors, and if right action is taken by competitors, they will achieve very good results. Therefore, in recent years, the core part of the distributor conference is very confidential, and even distributors get the information of the enterprise meeting after the meeting. Nowadays, channel competition is becoming more and more fierce. When the market is saturated, distributors usually go to agents for more than one brand. Because each brand has a large number of distributors like good and bad mixed together, tyre factories will inevitably worry about leaking secrets.

3.Whether the tyre distributor conference or the annual conference is a marketing behavior itself

It is a marketing behavior to exhibit the company’s information, strength, and technology to the outside world, and also a business strategy to cheer up the distributors and promote the enterprise, which is not necessary to hide. Having a meeting behind closed doors to guard against reporters or competitors for fear of leakage of development strategies and business policies is really a way to bury one's head in the sand. In the era of such advanced information, there is no impermeable wall, and the planning policies of competing brands have long been open to the public, and enterprises all understand from their hearts what the matter is but do not choose to say so in public.

The strategy of a enterprise does not need to be kept secret, nor can it be really kept secret.

Tactics and strength are the manifestation of the competitiveness of the enterprise. Some tyre enterprises seem to be high-end, concealing their strategies and making outsiders look at them mysteriously, but for distributors who are actually involved in the business, this behavior of not revealing their strategic plans will severely impact tyre distributors' confidence in selling tyres, thus affecting their business and the brand adversely.

4. How to open a good tyre distributor conference?

For the most effective way to encourage distributors to implement tyre factories' policies, each tyre enterprise has its own method and we cannot say who is right or wrong. But shopping malls are like battlefields and cheating each other always happens. Tyre enterprises are justifiable for worrying about leaking secrets. However, in any case, the distributor conference is an excellent opportunity to improve the morale of internal employees and distributors. Therefore, it is still necessary to let the conference return to its essence, which is a psychological barrier that many tyre enterprises nowadays need to break through.

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