Why Do Tyre Companies Want to Control Tyre Shops?

Why Do Tyre Companies Want to Control Tyre Shops?

For tyre companies, producing and selling tyres is the most important task. Tyre companies are so busy producing that they have no time for anything else. Therefore, the task of developing the market is handed over to the tyre dealers, who then go to the tyre shops, and from there to the car owners. Under this traditional distribution model, tyre shops are far away from the manufacturers. However, in fact, tyre manufacturers value tyre shops much more than trade tyre suppliers.

Under the epidemic, tyre brands manufacturers are most concerned about the end terminal stores

The market is bad, and no business is the consensus. But the tyre manufacturer's costs are there. Machines, labor, no matter how the market is, tyres have to be produced. Under the previous distribution model, tyre manufacturers only produced and left the sales to the dealers. Now that the market is bad, tyre shops cannot sell, so they will not purchase from the dealers. Even if the tyre dealers purchase, they can only remain unsold in the warehouse, so tyre dealers avoid purchasing tyres altogether. Regardless of whether tyre manufacturers raise prices or put pressure on inventory, tyre dealers are all at a loss.

In order to increase sales, tyre companies must focus on the end market. After all, the channel is only a means to an end, it is when it reaches the hands of the user that it is sold. Under the epidemic, all industries are deeply affected, and the tyre industry is no exception. As the part of the market that has the most direct contact with it, tyre shops are best able to reflect market conditions. So when tyre manufacturers cannot sell their products, they need to know where the market has gone wrong. Who understands the market best? Of course, it's the tyre shop. Nowadays, many tyre shops are closing, and tyre manufacturers will certainly attach importance to the tyre shops that can still sell normally. In order to win over tyre shops, tyre manufacturers are offering all kinds of discounts and subsidies, so that tyre shops can sell more of their products. Tyre shops determine the height of tyre manufacturers' sales, especially under the epidemic.

End terminal stores represent the image of tyre brands manufacturers

Nowadays, as an important part of the after-sales market, every tyre brand wants to increase its market presence. Faced with the trillion-dollar after-sales market, tyre companies are racking their brains to increase their visibility. In addition to traditional tyre authorized signs, many tyre companies' chain stores are conveying a message, which is that tyre manufacturers are entering the end-terminal service market. Why? On the one hand, it is to enhance the brand and service's visibility in the after-sales market, on the other hand, it is also an opportunity for tyre companies to expand their business in the end-market sector. It also reflects that the current tyre retail stores are full of mixed quality and uneven levels. Therefore, tyre shops also need to improve their strength and conduct business with integrity in a regular manner, continuously improve their work style, and focus on establishing a good image in the hearts of car owners.

Under the dual pressures of the epidemic and the bad market, how can tyre companies stand out and occupy the market? In addition to brand factors, the key is to control the end channels, fully demonstrate the company's image and strength, and win the trust and recognition of consumers. In addition to hard product quality assurance and high-quality services, the construction of tyre business retail terminals is undoubtedly very critical.

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