What's the Use of " Rubber Strips" on Truck Tires?

What's the Use of

When it comes to the attaching rubber strips on trucks, many people may be confused and also don't know where the rubber strips are hung. According to the truck tyres suppliers, they are hung on the top of the commercial van tyres. The rubber strips will constantly touch the tires when driving. If there has just been a light rain and you are driving on a muddy road at the same time, there will be a lot of dirt on your tires. It is precisely because of the existence of these rubber strips that most of the mud will disappear in the constant flap.


Truck tyres suppliers find that tires may get a lot of dust when driving. If the rubber strips are used to sweep all the dust off the tires, the truck driver may be much easier when washing the truck. You may think that you can wash the car completely by spending money. But you don't know that there are many tires on the truck, and these commercial van tyres are relatively large. You always need to pay more to car washers when cleaning the truck.


However, I would like to remind you here that if you want to learn the practices of truck drivers, you must first know the material of the rubber strips and choose very soft rubber strips so that they will not get caught in the tires during usage. Of course, the commonly private car owners will certainly not use this method, unless they are driving trucks.

Putting rubber strips on commercial van tyres is the experience from many sophisticated drivers. At the beginning, they could only ask the help from a car wash when cleaning the tires. Not to mention the cost, it is hard to clean them. The truck is too big, and it takes a lot of time to clean it all-round. The truck drivers basically can't spend so much time because they have to transport the goods to the destination swiftly. As a result, many truck drivers started wash trucks by themselves.

When washing the car by yourself, you may find that the dust on the tires of the car is troublesome. Maybe the car has just been washed, but it will be covered with dust after half an hour. Some drivers may find it tolerable. But for some drivers with OCD may couldn't stand the dirt on the tires of the van, and later truck tyres suppliers came up with such a good idea. Some drivers choose to use this method, and some drivers choose to ignore it. Of course, these are everyone's personal choices. Well, today's article is here for everyone. Do you have any other doubts about this?

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