What's the Best Tire for a Dump Truck?

What's the Best Tire for a Dump Truck?

Ⅰ. How often should mining truck tyres be replaced?

The use conditions of mining dump truck tires are complex. HUBEI AULICE TYRE CO.,Ltd reminds us to carry out daily inspection of tires and find hard objects on tread and pattern in time.

The pressure and wear degree of truck tires shall be carefully checked through daily maintenance and equipment refueling, and detailed records shall be made and fed back to the workshop. Through the inspection, there are no scars and wounds on all parts of the carcass, so as to ensure the safety and quality of the carcass. If relevant problems are found, replace them in time.

Whether the mining dump truck tire needs to be replaced can be judged according to the following points:

1. If the tire is aging (for example, there are countless small cracks at the tread groove bottom or tire edge that are about to damage the carcass), it is necessary to replace the tire in time, no matter how long the tire has been used and how much it has been worn.

2. If the remaining groove depth of the tire pattern reaches or is lower than 1.6mm (there is an indication mark indicating the depth in the longitudinal straight groove of the tire tread), the tire must be replaced because the drainage capacity of the tire has been greatly reduced, and it will be more dangerous for the vehicle to drive in the wetland.

In addition, it is particularly important to remind that bulging tires shall not be used anymore.

It is recommended to refer to the above contents for whether the tire needs to be replaced. The general tire is used for about 40000-60000 km for 3-5 years. Because the use of tires is affected by driving habits and road conditions, it may also be different from mileage or time. It is not recommended to judge simply from mileage or time.

Generally, the front wheel of mining dump truck is the steering wheel and the rear wheel is the driving wheel. The front wheel should be installed with new tires with good performance as far as possible, because once the front wheel is exploded, the car will be damaged to the operation site and inconvenient for disassembly and assembly. There are four tires in the rear wheel. Even if one tire is exploded, the car can be driven to the workshop for disassembly and assembly.

If you want to choose the best mining truck tyres, you need to analyze and select the most appropriate tire according to different situations.

Ⅱ. Do fire engines have special tires?

Fire engines are equipped with special fire tires.

Fire truck tires have unique advantages:

1. It is the first flame retardant formula in the industry, and the flame retardant performance is significantly improved compared with ordinary tires, reaching the flame retardant level.

2. The new tread pattern design has excellent anti-skid performance to ensure safer driving; Block pattern design is adopted with excellent anti-skid performance, which improves the grip of vehicles on wet and slippery roads, and has a wider range of application; Effective heat dissipation improves tire durability to ensure safer driving and longer service life.

3. The original and patented flame retardant formula makes the tire non flammable in case of fire and safer to use; Neoprene (with good physical and mechanical properties: oil resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical reagent resistance) and other flame retardant materials are added to the rubber formula.

4. The design of tire structure is strengthened, and the tire strength is 15% higher than that of ordinary tires, which can ensure the structural stability and longer service life of tires during use.

We are truck tyres suppliers integrating R & D, design, production and sales. Under our comprehensive production line, we have trained a large number of senior professionals and experts. We have many professional patents in design and compound formula. If necessary, welcome to consult us.

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