What Material Do Rubber Tires Belong To?

What Material Do Rubber Tires Belong To?

Nowadays, most car tires are made of natural or synthetic rubber. Natural rubber has better overall performance than synthetic rubber, so high-end tires mostly use natural rubber. In order to give the rubber the required properties for tire manufacturing, various chemicals must be added to the rubber. Production technicians add carbon chemical materials with strong adsorption to the rubber, thereby enhancing the hardness and wear resistance of the tire.

The bond between carbon particles and rubber molecules is very good, making the rubber harder, stronger, and more wear-resistant. Since the amount of carbon black in the rubber is basically equal, the main material of car tires is actually a composite material of rubber and carbon black. To maintain safe driving, it is important to keep a safe distance and avoid unnecessary or frequent braking, reduce damage to the tires, and pay attention to the tread depth. Tires that are close to being worn out have reduced friction with the road surface, resulting in longer braking distance and should not be driven at high speeds.

The load and air pressure of full rubber tires correspond one-to-one. Excessive load is similar to low air pressure, which can cause tire damage. Using the tires frequently under overload can reduce their service life by 20%-50%. At the same time, incorrect loading can also cause uneven tire pressure, affecting the service life of individual tires.

Raw materials used for manufacturing full rubber tires

The materials include rubber, cord fabric, tire bead steel wire and compounding agents. The rubber includes natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and the compounding agents include reinforcing agents, filling agents, vulcanizing agents, thickening agents, rubber plasticizers, and anti-scorching agents. The rubber raw materials are also very important and are divided into rubber powder and rubber oil. The quality of rubber oil determines the quality of rubber! Among them, pine tar and aromatic oil are mainly used. These two types of rubber oil can better blend with the rubber material, increase its softness, and enhance the quality of rubber, in order to better increase the heat resistance and cold resistance of all rubber tires.

Formula design of rubber material for the tire bead part of full rubber tires

The tire bead is a component with greater force in the radial tire and must have sufficient rigidity and wear resistance to prevent wear of the bead, poor driving stability, and the problem of sub-bead voids that often appear in larger tires. Therefore, the rubber material must have high rigidity, flexural fatigue resistance, wear resistance, and good adhesion to components. In the formula design of all rubber tires, full natural rubber is used for the core, and partial styrene-butadiene rubber is used to improve the flexural fatigue resistance. In addition to high carbon black content for enhanced hardness, reinforcing resins and other hardeners are also added according to the hardness requirements. According to the stress condition of the sub-bead, high carbon black content is used, and non-oil-filled insoluble sulfur and appropriate amounts of thickening agents are added to achieve wear resistance, hardness without brittleness, and good adhesion to adjacent components. During vulcanization, the burning time and vulcanization rate of the bead rubber are matched to avoid problems such as heavy skin and pimple.

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