What is the Best Tire for a Trailer?

What is the Best Tire for a Trailer?

Ⅰ. How to judge the quality of trailer tires?

The most intuitive judgment methods are as follows:

1. Look → The tread color of brand tire is relatively natural, and the color is relatively dark. The tread color of poor quality tires will be brighter.

2. Press → Press the tread with your fingers. If there is no fingerprint left, it is a brand tire. If there are obvious fingerprints, it is a poor tire.

3. Pull → The rubber nails of well-known brand tires are not easy to break when they are torn, and they can be restored to their original state immediately after letting go. The rubber nails of retreaded tires are not only easily broken but also deformed more easily.

4. Scratch → Scratch the tread with your nails. If no scratches are left, it is a well-known brand tire. Poor tires are more likely to leave nail scratches.

When the semi trailer tyre is accidentally pierced by nails or stones, it is best not to pull out the nails and stones directly, which will cause the tire to run out and increase the wear degree. If the sidewall is cut, scratched, cracked or bagged, it is best to replace it. Even if it can be repaired, there will be potential safety hazards. In case of tire gnawing and eccentric wear, four-wheel alignment correction shall be carried out.

Ⅱ. How long can trailer tires last?

Generally speaking, how often the vehicle changes tires depends on the actual situation. If the car keeps driving, it hardly takes much rest. Such semi trailer tyres should be replaced earlier in order to ensure safety. If the car hasn't been driven much in three years, the tires of such a car can be changed for a long time. There's no need to change them every three years.

So it still depends on the price of the trailer tires and the vehicle's own conditions. When changing the tire, the tire manual will tell you how long it needs to be replaced. And you can also consult bus tyres suppliers.

Ⅲ. How do you know the age of trailer tires?

There are numbers on the tire and its production date in it, but there is no way to judge the specific using age. If you want to judge whether the tire can still be used, you can look at the pattern's thickness.

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