Truck Tire Patterns Have a Lot of Knowledge, Did You Choose the Right One?

Truck Tire Patterns Have a Lot of Knowledge, Did You Choose the Right One?

The pattern of truck tires may be small, but it directly affects the vehicle's fuel consumption, braking force, driving force, NVH (vibration and noise) performance, etc. However, in the truck industry, there are serious misconceptions from factory technicians to customers, from marketing personnel to after-sales service personnel, who only focus on the price and model of tires, ignoring the importance of choosing the right tire pattern.

The pattern of the steering wheel and drive wheel for big truck tires is completely the same, which is a full-position tire

Its biggest advantage is convenience in management, with the same part number making it easy for design selection, production assembly, and after-sales services. If two kinds of patterned tires are selected, two part numbers must be used, making production and assembly prone to error and requiring error prevention measures, increasing management costs. However, this approach has the disadvantage of ignoring the impact of the pattern of big truck tyres on the overall performance of the vehicle, and not matching the tire to the actual usage scenario of the customer.

Working conditions of big truck tires

Long-distance high-speed, mid-to-long-distance with standard load, mid-to-long-distance with heavy load, mid-to-short-distance mixed, non-road conditions, etc. Generally, the front steering wheel and trailer tires have multiple straight grooves in the pattern to reduce fuel consumption, while the drive wheel needs to provide enough driving force for the whole vehicle when the engine is braking and the hydraulic retarder is braking, and its tire pattern is square, commonly known as a "mahjong tire"; for non-road conditions, a bigr and deeper groove is needed for lateral traction in muddy roads.

For 4×2 and 6×2 heavy-duty trucks with only one drive shaft, the entire vehicle's acceleration, climbing, and downhill braking depend on this drive shaft to "work hard", so a "mahjong tire" must be used. For 6×4 heavy-duty trucks that use two drive shafts, the tire pattern requirements are lower and can be consistent with the front wheels.

Vehicles driving in rainy and snowy weather require big truck tires to maintain sufficient driving and gripping force, and a lateral pattern is recommended. For vehicles engaged in high-speed standard logistics, mainly on highways, with not much sudden acceleration, climbing, or deceleration, the use of full-position tires can meet the requirements, and optimizing the tire pattern can further reduce fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption test results of different patterned big truck tires

In high-speed standard load conditions, low rolling resistance tires (with straight grooves in the pattern) can save 2% fuel compared to traditional full-position tires. Although fuel consumption has been reduced, the use area is strictly limited and cannot be driven on snow-covered roads, otherwise severe traffic accidents may occur.

Truck tyres manufacturers understand that tire replacement cost is a crucial aspect of a vehicle's operating expenses, second only to fuel and toll fees. Oftentimes, customers purchase only two new tires and install them on the front wheels to ensure optimal safety. After some use, they adjust the front wheel tire to the rear wheel and the rear wheel tire to the trailer, continuing to use them until they "explode." In general, a tire operating under standard load conditions lasts for about 100,000 kilometers. However, many customers risk their safety by using their tires for up to 150,000-180,000 kilometers. It is crucial to heed the limit outlined by truck tyres manufacturers to avoid potential hazards.

Major European commercial vehicle companies attach great importance to the matching of big truck tyre patterns, strictly implementing the "front steering and rear drive" principle, and big fleets have tire storage and secondary refurbishment workshops, storing summer and winter tires and changing them according to seasonal changes. When the truck tire thread patterns wear to the warning line after a certain mileage (usually 60,000-80,000 kilometers), the fleet will uniformly recycle it for secondary refurbishment, deepening and processing the tire pattern grooves, and it can continue to be safely used for 30,000-40,000 kilometers.

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