Truck Tire Daily Maintenance and Care Tips

Truck Tire Daily Maintenance and Care Tips

As the only part of the vehicle in contact with the ground, the importance of the wheels goes without saying. Unlike other mechanical components, it only needs maintenance and inspection at regular intervals, but requires our constant attention and maintenance. In addition, its importance is very prominent, so we need to pay attention to it. Once a problem occurs, we can find and solve it early to reduce potential risks. Today, I will bring you some common sense about the use and maintenance of truck tires.

Daily maintenance of high-quality truck tires

  • Check the air pressure frequently: the tire air pressure must meet the standard, check the air pressure to prevent abnormal air pressure from causing tire damage The tire cord is loose, broken, shoulder cracked or carcass crushed. However, if the air pressure is too high, the force on the tire carcass cord will increase, and the flex resistance will decrease, resulting in crown grinding, crown burst, and abnormal wear of the tread.

  • Frequently check the tire temperature: Keep the tire temperature normal, especially when driving in summer, to avoid tire blowouts caused by increased internal pressure and increased fatigue of truck tires due to increased tire temperature.

  • Digging stones frequently: The car owner should check and remove the small stones and sundries attached to the tire pattern frequently, so as to prevent the gravel from squeezing the bottom of the tread groove during tire operation and stabbing the base rubber. Extend the tear along the wound.

  • Frequently check wear: Make sure that the remaining tread depth of the tire is within the recommended depth. Once the wear mark at the bottom of the tire treadgroove appears, the tire should be replaced immediately to prevent danger. At the same time, the sidewall of the tire should be checked frequently. If there are abnormal protrusions or serious scratches on the sidewall, it must be stopped to avoid serious accidents caused by continued damage.

  • Frequently plugged small holes: If possible, fill the small holes in the tread rubber found in the inspection with raw rubber to prevent sediment from invading the cord layer and causing voids.

Several issues that should be paid attention to when driving high-quality truck tires

  • Do not drive over the speed limit. Excessive speed per hour will increase the deflection of the tire, resulting in excessive heat, which will accelerate the wear of the tire and shorten the service life.

  • During the operation of the car, one should try to avoid sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sudden steering, which is not only harmful to the mechanical properties of the car itself, but also to the life of the tires. Repeated abnormal driving such as rapid acceleration, sudden braking and sudden steering will cause sharp deformation of the tire, uneven wear of the crown, tearing of the longitudinal groove, and rise in the internal temperature of the tire, which is prone to puncture.

  • Follow the specified maximum load and do not overload. The service life of truck tires depends largely on the size of the load. Frequent overloading of 20% will shorten the service life of the tires to 50% of the normal life. Overloading also increases tire temperature and air pressure, increases the fatigue of rubber and cord, and easily causes delamination.

  • Avoid potholes or obstacles on the road.

  • Avoid bumping into road cliffs, and do not ride on road cliffs when parking.

Tires are exposed to the wind and sun every day, and they do all the dirty work. It can be said that they are the most dedicated parts of a car. In addition, the tire is the only place on the car that is in contact with the ground. If the tire blows out and loses grip, other advanced systems will not help. So in normal times we have to give truck tires more care.

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