Truck Tire AW001

Truck Tire AW001 is one of Aulice’s heavy duty truck tires wholesale with relatively high loads capacity and pressure Kpa to avoid any weakness in bearing and toughness. Low Abrasion rates and puncture risks are guaranteed.

Equipped with deep tread groove patterns that are brilliant at traction, AW001 can be steer tires, truck drive tires and running trailer tire on truck, wherever you need. View more detailed information of Truck Tire AW001 below!


Features of Truck Tyre AW001

  1. Three longitudinal zigzag grooves and open shoulder design provides excellent traction and handling.

  2. High strength skeleton material adopted to effectively resist external impact and improve loading capacity.

Wheel Positions of Truck Tyre AW001


Technical Parameters of Truck Tyre AW001

SizePly Rating
Tread Depth(mm)Load INdexSpeed SymbolKG(LBS.)Load CapacityPressure Kpa(PSI)Standard Rim

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