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Truck Tire AR666 EN

Truck Tire AR666

Aulice AR666 guarantees the outstanding straight driving performance and impact dispersion for blocks and improving durability. The tapered block design ensures a flexible response to the lateral impact.

  • heavy duty

  • mining area

Abrasion Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Grip Power

Features of Truck Tyre AR666

  1. Distinctive structure and tread compound formula benefit for superior loading capacity on all kinds of tough road.

  2. The large blocks pattern design ensures excellent traction,off-road mobility and self-cleaning ability.

Wheel Positions of Truck Tyre AR666


Technical Parameters of Truck Tyre AR666

PatternSizePlyTread Depth
Load index/Speed LevelLoad Capacity
Inflation Pressure
Standard Rim
AR66611.00R2016PR24.0150/147D3350 (7385)3075 (6780)830 (120)8.0
AR66611.00R2018PR24.0152/149D3550 (7830)3250 (7160)930 (135)8.0
AR66612.00R2018PR24.0154/151D3750 (8270)3450 (7610)830 (120)8.5
AR66612.00R2020PR24.0156/153D4000 (8820)3650 (8050)900 (130)8.5

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