Trailer Tire AW787

AW787 is only for trailer and head tractor for sale from china with moderate and balanced loads capacity and pressure Kpa. It is ideal for you if you are looking for a versatile tire.

Equipped with deep tread groove patterns that are a brilliant attraction, AW787 is among the large truck tires for sale that can either be steer tires, or running trailer tires. It has four sizes for you to choose from: wide profile tires are accessible. View more detailed information on AW787 below!

Abrasion Resistance
Wet Slip Resistance
Low Noise

Features of Trailer Tyre AW787

  1. Innovative lug pattern design.

  2. Special tread compound formula brings better wear resistance.

  3. Suitable for mid-long distance on all kinds of good road.

  4. It has superior driving and braking performance as well as ground grip.

Wheel Positions of Trailer Tyre AW787


Technical Parameters of Trailer Tyre AW787

SizePly Rating
Tread Depth(mm)Load INdexSpeed SymbolKG(LBS.)Load CapacityPressure Kpa(PSI)Standard Rim

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