Top 10 Structural Damage Cases of Big Truck Tires

Top 10 Structural Damage Cases of Big Truck Tires

As an important part of the vehicle, the performance of big truck tires is directly related to the load capacity and wear resistance of the truck. Various problems will inevitably occur during driving due to its harsh use environment. There are normal wear and tear and structural damage.

As a truck driver, it's important to understand these issues to avoid being overwhelmed when the big truck tires go wrong.

Many problems with tires are actually not related to the quality of the tires themselves, but are caused by bad driving habits of drivers or external factors that cause tire damage.

Here we can take appropriate preventive measures by analyzing the causes and types of tire wear. Prevention can be done early to avoid unnecessary losses.

1. Big truck tires laceration causes side burst

Features: The carcass turn-up cord steel wire at the tyre bead is cut, resulting in radial bulging and blasting of the sidewall corresponding to this place.

Reasons: The tyre bead is cut by a sharp tool, resulting in the breakage of the carcass turn-up cord wire at the tyre bead. Under the action of pressure, the end of the broken carcass steel wire continuously stretches and flexes, causing the sidewall radial bulge to burst and the steel wire to break.

2. Big truck tires sidewall puncture

Features: The sidewall of the tire is irregularly split with punctures, scratches, or obvious foreign body extrusion marks.

Reasons: The sidewall is stabbed by a sharp weapon while driving. Or when two tires are used together, there is a foreign object squeezed between the two tires of the two trucks.

3. Abnormal wear of big truck tires

Features: Irregular wear of the crown.

Reasons: The tires were not rotated regularly. The vehicle is in bad condition. Directional tires are not installed regularly. Inappropriate rims and other factors.

4. Big truck tires puncture and blast

Features: The sidewall is blasted in a fan shape and there are obvious stab marks at the corresponding crown at the blasting place.

Reasons: The crown of the tire and the carcass cord are stabbed, resulting in a crack from the inside to the outside of the carcass ply of the truck tire, which burst from the crack under the action of pressure.

5. Big truck tires puncture and delamination

Features: Sharp objects puncture the steel wire of the crown belt and the shoulder rubber is separated from the steel belt.

Reasons: Sharp objects stab the belt layer steel wire of the tire crown, resulting in the infiltration of water, ash, sand, etc. The user does not check and handle in time, resulting in rust and delamination at the end of the belt layer.

6. Big truck tires crown burst

Features: The crown is a powerful tear-like blast.

Reason: The tire is running under overload, high speed and high air pressure. It is strongly impacted by obstacles, causing the truck tire to burst.

7. Big truck tires impact burst

Features: The crown is blasted, corresponding to the inner "I"-shaped crack.

Reasons: The crown bursts due to the uneven road surface or the strong impact of obstacles when driving.

8. Big truck tires side tire wear

Features: Circumferential wear of the shoulders and visible carcass cords.

Reasons: It is worn by hard objects on the road while driving and the use conditions are extremely poor. The parts of the big truck press against the side of the carcass, resulting in circumferential mechanical wear.

9. The tire pattern of the big truck is badly damaged

Features: The crown pattern is stabbed by sharp objects and the belt layer can be seen at the damage.

Reasons: Drive on bad roads and the tread is cut by bad sharp tools. Or the crown rubber is scratched, causing the big truck tire tread groove to crack or the crown rubber to drop.

10. Big truck tires carcass cord is broken

Features: The carcass cord in the tire is broken all around.

Reasons: The tire is crushed and fractured due to insufficient air pressure.

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