The Role of Leather Strips On Lorry Tyre

The Role of Leather Strips On Lorry Tyre

Some careful tire shop owners have noticed some leather strips tied to the top of the tires when changing tires for lorries. At first, they did not know the reason. After an explanation given by the owner, they commend their intelligence. It can prolong the service life of tires. Therefore, what is the role of strips?  

Ⅰ. The leather strip on the lorry tyre has a cleaning effect  

The leather strips on the lorry tyre are like the false eyelashes of females who love beauty. It can be installed or not. It will not affect the driving of the lorry without a strip, but it still has some functions.  

When the lorry is moving fast, the leather strips fly lightly with the wind, which can cover dust, remove dirt, and keep the lorry tyre clean. The lorry tyre will be shiny and more beautiful.  

However, sometimes it might cause trouble. When it is discovered by strict traffic police and highway transportation control, they will charge a fine due to the private added leather strip. If you want to find cheap lorry tyres, contact AULICE at any time.

Ⅱ. Remove dirt from the lorry tyre  

Lorries are often driven on construction sites, so the lorry tyre will bring out the dirt. After being equipped with leather strips, they can naturally dry the dirt when the lorry is running. In addition, the dirt can be easily moved by the lorry tyre due to the whipping of leather strips.  

Sometimes, small stones on the road will be stuck into the lorry tyre, and some of them can also be dropped by the whipping of leather strips!  

Large lorries usually run long distances on very complicated roads, so the lorry tyre will have a lot of sticky mud. This is known by any driver who has been driving on muddy roads.  

However, large lorries are strictly forbidden to spill leakage on urban pavements. Therefore, drivers will install this type of leather strip to solve the problem. 

When a vehicle is driving, the wind makes leather strips to lash the lorry tyre like a whip, and the stubborn mud will automatically peel away over time. 

The initial starting point and the main purpose of the leather strip are to release water to help the lorry tyre dissipate heat to reduce tire explosions, thereby avoiding dangers caused by serious overloading. 

However, this initial intention has unexpected functions. The leather strip can clean the lorry tyre and makes it beautiful.   

Now, some people are using the leather strip although most of them do not understand its initial and real purpose. However, it can be regarded as a recycling function.  

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