The Operation of Truck Tyre Shop Requires Good Promotion and Management

The Operation of Truck Tyre Shop Requires Good Promotion and Management

1. Promotion of big truck tires

A big truck tire store can not just wait for customers to come to the door, but also carry out necessary promotion. Especially for local refit car factories, large fleets, large logistics companies, construction sites and other truck gathering places and companies, effective publicity and promotion should be carried out. And even PR is necessary sometimes.

Business without customers is terrible, business without long-term customers is brutal, and the way to bring in customers is promotion of truck tyre distributor, which is not just promoting brand, but also storefronts and service.

For promotion, we can apply for resources from manufacturers and provincial agents, such as store recruitment, roadshows and other publicity expenses, but in general, the above support is not available unless the distributor completes a certain amount of sales. Personnel training support can be applied, which is also a good way for promotion.

Of course, we also need to choose how to promote big truck tires, because we need to grasp the type of our customers. If we have more retail sales, or we have more unit customers, the methods we take are absolutely different.

However, I think it is definitely a good choice to choose a suitable vehicle for experimental promotion. In this regard, manufacturers can apply for support.

2. Management of truck tyre distributor

Personnel, finance, products, warehousing, customers, brands, and manufacturers are important management elements for a big truck tire store.

At present, it is very difficult to hire workers in various places. One is that it is difficult to find workers, not to mention skilled and stable workers. Another is that the job pay and welfare pay are not good.

Therefore, the management of personnel is very important. How to retain the people they want to use and how to exert their enthusiasm are issues that every truck tyre distributor must consider.

It should be emphasized here that big truck tire stores are generally mom-and-pop stores, so whether or not to keep the storefront and do the business themselves is the key to the success of the business.

Finances are most afraid of chaos and lack of principles. This is the owner's own business. In addition, the expenses of hospitality and travel are issues that should be treated carefully here, because this is also a large expenditure.

After all, the more big truck tire brands you operate, the more people come to visit, and the more times you go to the factory for meetings, so whether you should receive them or not will become issues that need to be considered.

The product needs to be analyzed jointly by the store owner and the specific operators. If there is an analysis error, it will be a huge loss.

Warehousing is directly related to products. In many cases, shopkeepers will stock up on several models and specifications, which involves in-depth analysis and management of warehouse inventory turnover and space utilization.

Customers and brands are directly related. If we do not classify, follow up, and manage the big truck tire customers in our store, as well as follow up and manage the matching of brand products and customers, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Why do we mention the management of the manufacturer here? That is because we always deal with the manufacturer, how to make good use of the manufacturer's policies, resources, publicity, personnel, and other service issues is an important factor in determining whether a big truck tire store can be a good business.

3. Services of big truck tire shops

Many places sell big truck tires without attached service, but this is not the development direction of big truck tire shops, because tyre shops without service cannot grasp the customer's stay time, that is, the time to create business is not long enough and the possibility of doing business will be lower.

Also, without service, big truck tire stores will lose a lot of profit growth points or customer attraction points. After all, it is difficult for a business that only earns the difference to have a business advantage.

Of course, not all big truck tire shops can grow into the small tyre shop model, but what service can bring is a way that customers feel they are taking advantage of it.

In addition, many entrepreneurs who started big truck tire shops in the early days started their business as a tyre stitching business from a repair shop. For example, the Josam company has good profits and equipment worth investing in.

4. Courage of truck tyre distributors

No matter what kind of business a person runs, as long as he is 80% sure, he should start the operation, because the situation where prudence is enough and courage lacks is not allowed. After confirming the mastery of professional knowledge, analyzing the market in detail, calculating costs and risks, and strategic opportunities and even future potential, you must start your own business as soon as possible, and you must have courage.

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