Some Considerations About Trailer Tyres

Some Considerations About Trailer Tyres

Ⅰ. What safety devices must be fitted to the trailer?

For the on-board terminal of satellite positioning system with driving positioning function, the traction truck and trailer used for refrigerated transportation also need to be equipped with temperature monitoring device.

All steering wheels of non dual steering axle traction vehicles greater than or equal to 90km / h shall be equipped with tyre burst emergency safety devices, and trailers shall use axles with rated axle load less than or equal to 10t. Disc brakes should be installed on all steering wheels.

Ⅱ. Does my Trailer need a detachable cable?

The function of disconnecting the cable, as its name implies, is a cable whose purpose is to apply the brake and then disconnect when the caravan is disconnected from the tractor. Although this may not be considered a frequent occurrence, the number of reported instances increased by 80% in 2014.

The law requires that the separation cable be correctly installed on all caravans, and the maximum technically permissible load mass (mtplm) is between 750 kg and 3500 kg. This applies to all caravans, trailers and similar structures manufactured after 1982. Cables are usually made of thin steel cables and plastic coatings. Therefore, the trailer needs to separate the cable.

Ⅲ. Why do trailer tyres wear out so fast?

Many car owners have such doubts. Why do their tyres always wear faster than others? Why do others don't need to change tyres for two or three years for cars of the same brand and model, but after only one year, the specialty store requires a tyre change?

1. Long term abnormal tyre pressure

tyre pressure is the life of the tyre. If the pressure is too low, the deformation of the carcass increases, and the sidewall is prone to cracks. At the same time, it leads to excessive heat generation, promotes rubber aging, ply fatigue and cord breaking.

If the air pressure is too low, it will also increase the tyre grounding area and accelerate the wear of tyre shoulder; If the air pressure is too high, the tyre cord will be excessively stretched and deformed, the elasticity of the tyre body will decrease, and the load of the vehicle will increase during driving. In case of impact, internal crack and explosion will occur. At the same time, if the air pressure is too high, it will accelerate the local wear of the pattern in the center of the tyre tread, and reduce the service life of the tyre.

2. Inaccurate front wheel alignment

Front wheel alignment has a great impact on the service life of tyres, especially front wheel toe in and front wheel camber. Front wheel camber will mainly accelerate the wear of tyre shoulder, that is, eccentric wear; The toe in of the front wheel is mainly to accelerate the wear of the inner and outer sides of the tyre.

3. Bad driving habits

In addition to handling the situation during driving, the driver shall choose the road to avoid the puncture and scratch of the tyre caused by sharp stones, glass and metal, the adhesion of chemical spills to the trailer tyres and the corrosion of the tyre; When driving on the road with large camber, drive in the middle as far as possible to avoid and reduce the deviation of vehicle center of gravity, and reduce the uneven tyre wear caused by the increase of tyre load on one side; Reasonable loading is basic common sense.

In general, the tyre life is reduced by 30% when overloaded by 20%, and 50% when overloaded by 40%; In addition, sharp turning, emergency braking, high-speed starting and rapid acceleration will have an impact on tyre damage, which drivers should avoid during driving.

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