Seven Key Considerations for Truck Tire Usage

Seven Key Considerations for Truck Tire Usage

As an important component of a car, once there is a problem with the tire, the safety index of the car will suddenly decrease. So how to avoid cheap tires from malfunctioning, and what should be paid attention to when using tires?

Tire pressure problems

  • Good-value tyres should be inflated according to the "pressure-load corresponding table" specified in the national standard.

  • After inflating the tire, check whether there is any air leakage in various parts. If any, repair it in time.

  • The internal pressure of the tire must be normal during use.

  • When running or operating for a long time, the tire pressure should be checked regularly. When parked for a long time, the front and rear axles must be lifted.

  • If the pressure is too high, the tire is prone to wear and crown breakage; if the pressure is too low, the tire is prone to deformation and twisting.

  • When two tires are mounted together, the pressure of the two tires should be consistent.

Tire speed problems

  • Different types of commercial tyres for sale have different speed limits. Excessive speed will cause early tire damage.

  • When the road surface is not good, do not drive too fast, and try to reduce sudden braking and sharp turning.

  • When driving at high speeds, the tire is prone to overheating. Once the temperature is too high, measures should be taken immediately to prevent tire burst.

Vehicle condition affects commercial tyres

  • The high-speed tires and wheel assemblies must be balanced and corrected for weight.

  • The front wheel alignment of the vehicle should be checked and adjusted frequently, otherwise truck tire wear and early damage will occur.

  • Do not use rusty, deformed, or non-conforming wheel rims, otherwise toe wear will occur.

Tire patterns

  • Longitudinal patterns have low resistance and fast speed, suitable for hard road surfaces such as cement and asphalt.

  • Lateral patterns have strong grip and climbing performance, suitable for adapting to road conditions.

  • The mixed pattern combines the characteristics of the longitudinal pattern and is suitable for road surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

  • Off-road patterns are suitable for road surfaces with no pavement or poor conditions.

  • When the tread pattern wears to the wear mark, it should be stopped using.

Tire load

  • The load of good-value tyres should comply with the current regulations, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

  • The vehicle should be loaded evenly to avoid unbalanced loading.

  • Severe overloading can cause abnormal tire wear, shoulder recession, delamination, toe breakage, etc.

  • Tires with high level and large load should not be driven at high speeds.

  • Reinforced tires can appropriately increase the load according to design standards.

Tire installation

  • Good-value tyres must be installed on the specified vehicle model and rim. Special tools and equipment should be used when carrying out tyre installation and disassembly, and hard crowbars and hammers are strictly prohibited.

  • The same specifications, structure, pattern, and level of tires should be installed on the same axle.

  • Bias and radial tires should not be mixed.

  • When installing directional patterns, the rotation direction of the tire should be consistent with the direction of vehicle travel.

  • Tires with anti-skid chains should be symmetrically installed, and should be removed immediately when not in use.

Tire rotation

  • Commercial tyres should be rotated regularly.

  • Tires generally need to be rotated once every 80,000 kilometers of driving.

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