Selection and Maintenance Methods of Heavy Truck Tyres​

Selection and Maintenance Methods of Heavy Truck Tyres​

Heavy-duty trucks are the bulky fellows in the road transportation, and the volume of its transportation is huge. To truckry the weight of such a vehicle, it's necessary to use very good heavy truck tyres. The heavy truck tyres on the market currently have many differences in structure, materials, specifications, etc. What problems should users pay attention to when choosing tyres? In addition, how to maintain heavy truck tyres?

1. When choosing heavy truck tyres, some things should be clear:

1) For the same truck, you cannot choose to mix up tyres of different types and structures, nor can you choose to mix ordinary tyres and anti-skid tyres. More attention should be paid to this point when choosing tyres on the same axle. Otherwise the stability of the truck will deteriorate when the truck is turning.

2) The adaptation speed and maximum load pressure of the replaced heavy truck tyres should be equal to or greater than those of the original tyres. The low speed tyres used in high speed trucks will make the maneuverability worse. The tyre with small load pressure has large deformation, which may increase wear and tear, and the driving resistance of the truck.

3) The outer diameter of the selected truck tyre should be consistent with that of the original vehicle. If the outer diameter does not match, it will affect the accuracy of the odometer and speedometer. When the section width of the new selected tyre changes, its flatness should also be changed accordingly, so as not to change the accuracy of the original vehicle's odometer. Generally, a suitable pattern of a truck tyre is selected according to the driving conditions of the truck.

In summary, it is best to choose heavy truck tyres of the same model and size as the tyres of original vehicle. If you want to know the heavy truck tyre price and big truck tyre price, please send an email to Aulice ( or call us on +86-27-8777570.

If the tyre is broken, it is surely the easiest way to replace it directly, but it will cost a lot of money. We can extend the service life of tyres through daily maintenance.

2. Maintenance of heavy truck tyres:

1) Before going on the road, do a good job of anti-sticking. Before installing the tyres on the truck, disassemble the tyres and sprinkle talcum powder between the inner and outer tyres for isolation.

2) Change the tyres regularly. Check the spare tyres frequently. In the maintenance and use of the tyre, the spare tyre is often forgotten by the driver and lacks maintenance. It is recommended that heavy truck drivers regularly check the spare tyre every three months and inflate it if necessary.

3) Vehicle tyres are prone to overheating when driver is driving the truck under the scorching sun for a long time or driving at a high speed, and the air pressure increases at the same time. At this time, driver should stop the vehicle to dissipate heat, and should not deflate the tyres to reduce pressure or splash water to cool down to avoid abnormal aging of the tread rubber.

In summary, heavy truck tyres are very important to the driving of heavy duty trucks. Not only is it necessary to choose a good tyre, but it is also essential to do a good job in daily tyre maintenance.

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