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1. Use of poor rim or the pressure is relatively insufficient, leading to the stress to move down and waterproof line crack.

2. Rim deformation or put  the tyres in improper place when mounting, tire bead is cut by flange

3. Badly overloading or sharp turn, single tyre gets huge stress so lead to bead blasting

4. The tread is punctured by sharp objects  when driving on bad road.

5. The tread is punctured by sharp objects  when driving on bad road.

6. The base rubber of the pattern is thinner than other parts, When driving on gravel road with high air pressure or sharp turn, pattern root will be torn badly.

7. When using the tyre under low pressure and heavy load for a long time, the flexing point moves down and the bead is twisted and deformed to crack.

8. When driving on bad road, the shoulder is pushed and scratched by the objects such as the roadbed or try to pass in force, which will cause pattern block cracking or dropping off.

9. Deformation of the flange or excessive thickness of the flap causes partial damage to the bead.

10. The tire crown is punctured by sharp objects such as stones, bolts and nails, etc during driving, forming a strip-shaped bump.

11. Tire crown impact blast is caused by the impaction of foreign object on the tread when driving under high pressure,high speed and heavy load.

12. Using the tire under low pressure for a long time cause shoulder empty.

13. Shoulder rubber rolling does not conceal the air, the parts are not firmly bonded or have impurities, resulting in shoulder space.

14. The belt layer is disengaged, and water vapor, oil, and dust are stained during the production process, and the adhesion is poor, resulting in delamination.

15. Due to dust, impurities, water vapor, etc., the sidewall rubber is separated from the carcass, the wire is bare and intact, and there is no trace of trauma.

16. Compression between parts is not enough during production,resulting in bubbles or isolated media

17. During the vulcanization process, the lining compound flows irregularly, causing some of the rubber to be too thin.

18. Use poor rims, resulting in low pressure and heavy loads,the waterproof line breaks due to excessive deformation

19. When using a bad rim, the stress is excessively concentrated in the bead area. When the heavy truck frequently uses the brake, the abnormal temperature of the bead rises too high, and the adhesion decreases, causing an explosion.

20. Severe overload during driving, high air pressure or sharp turn, resulting in excessive instantaneous force on the sidewall and blasting.

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