Principles of Running a Truck Tire Shop

Principles of Running a Truck Tire Shop

1. Financing of truck tyre distributor

A big truck tire store is a solid and profitable business, but selling big truck tires requires sufficient cash flow and financing capacity.

That is because the existence of credit in big truck tire stores is both a history and a reality, and it is a major problem of operation.

Therefore, if there is not enough cash or financing capacity, it is likely to be dragged down by credit. This is an important question that must be considered before a truck tyre distributor opens a shop.

2. Location of big truck tire shop

If there is no good location, it should be more cautious about opening a shop, because location is the key to business operation. Without a good location, the advertising cost will increase by 500%. This is not worth the loss and is not conducive to future development. Therefore, location selection is the key to the operation of a big truck tire store.

In fact, in each region, especially in small counties and towns, there are generally no more than two big truck tire stores, or even two or three stores. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good store.

Therefore, the choice of the area is very simple, but the lease of the storefront and whether it can become your own real estate will determine the source of customers and operating costs for the business.

In addition, in terms of the actual storefront, factors such as the shelf, the actual area, heating, water supply, property costs, transformation difficulty, vehicle movement lines or restrictions must be payed attention to, because this will determine your business structure and reduce costs.

3. Big truck tire customers

The key to the business is the customer. A business without a customer cannot exist, let alone operate, and the customers of a big truck tire store are even more critical, because the number of big trucks and the customers' spending power and frequency directly affect the operation and future of the tire store.

In many places, the operation failed due to the inability to catch customers, or the store owner did not carefully analyze the customer group of big truck tires. Therefore, the customer is the key to the business, and this is something that any big truck tire shop must consider carefully.

Many operators are truck operators themselves and have an advantage in contacting customers, or their friends are large-scale tire-using institutions or units, but it does not mean that they can run a big truck tire shop with these resources.

After all, when it comes to choosing a big truck tire brand, customers have their own rights and can spend it once because of the good relationship with you, but when the brand you run is not competitive in terms of cost performance, then they will not choose you. Therefore, customers are not only accumulated for many years, but also won by policies, and attracted by brands.

4. Big truck tire brands

If there is no brand or the brands are of the same class, it will be a fatal injury to the operation of a big truck tire shop. If only one of many classes of products is operated, it will affect the operation of the entire tire shop.

After all, brand, price, spending power, consumption method, truck tyre distributor service, etc. determine customer loyalty and re-consumption possibility and recommended consumption. Therefore, big truck tire shops can neither be locked up by one brand, nor can they operate the same class of brand.

In addition, many truck tyre distributors believe that a big truck tire store should establish its own store brand to prevent it from being influenced by the brand. However, choosing such a model at the beginning of business is likely to cause business failure.

Brands are built because they have customer appeal, and if you don't have a leading brand of big truck tire to use in storefronts, you'll be lost.

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