Off Road (Construction And Mining) Tire

Aulice offers Mining Off-Road Truck Radials Tyres to our clients. After spending years in the mines, testing our heavy-duty off-road tires, we have delivered re-engineered products for the toughest loads on the toughest roads. We are truly excited about this industry, as we have the best off-road tires for this application. 

As a professional truck tyre manufacturers in China, with over 20 years' experience of developing the best truck tyres, it has enabled Aulice to combine in the maximum levels of security, quality, comfort, price and save your cost. So far, we have wide options for off-road dune buggy tires like model AR535 AR5157A AR5251 and so on. Please check the following list to find the right construction and dump truck tyres for sale for you.

Off Road (Construction And Mining) Tire for Sale

Truck Tire AR5157A Truck Tire AR5157A
Abrasion Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Truck Tire AR535 Truck Tire AR535
Abrasion Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Grip Power
Truck Tire AR558 Truck Tire AR558
Abrasion Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Grip Power
Truck Tire AR666 Truck Tire AR666
Abrasion Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Grip Power
Truck Tire AR667 Truck Tire AR667
Abrasion Resistance
Load Carrying Capacity
Puncture Resistance
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Know More About Off Road Mining Dump Tyres For Sale?

Q1: How do off the road tires work?

These tires featured in a tread design with interlocking tread elements that can provide good traction in dry snow, ice and mud, as well as on paved surfaces. They also have a lot of grooves and channels, known as sipes, in the tread of tire.

Q2: Are off road mining truck tyres good in the rain?

Generally, if you drive more on the road than off, multi-mile all-terrain tires are more likely going to be a better option than off-road mud tires for sale because most mud-terrain tires don't work well in rain and on wet pavement.

Q3: Does a mining tire make more noise?

A mountain highway paved with asphalt that can offer more winter traction will generally sound louder than the smooth blacktop on a freeway. Tires with tall tread blocks, like on a traction tire, may squirm a bit that can also increase noise.

Q4: Can you use mining truck tyre on road?

Off-road truck tyres, off-road semi truck tires, off-road dune buggy tires and off-road dually tires can all work on road, but they will be more stiffed riding than good highway tires. Generally, the off-road tyres will work fine, but they make a lot of road noise especially when driven at highway speeds.

Q5:Are mud tires good for highway?

Mud-terrain tires are specifically designed to perform off-road, in jagged rocks, loose soil, mud or sand.  The tread on all-terrain tires is also permeated with sipes for traction, which can make them a great choice for wet, snowy or icy conditions.

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