Notices for Using Heavy Truck Tyres

Notices for Using Heavy Truck Tyres

1. Choose the best heavy duty truck tires


First, we need to know how to choose best tires for heavy loads. Compared with car tires, more attention need to be paid to the situations such as the vehicle load and road surface in choosing Heavy truck tyres.


2. Maintain normal pressure of the heavy duty tyres


The vehicle should drive at the correct air pressure as required, which can refer to the information provided by the truck manufacturer. Truck owners should check the air pressure of all Heavy truck tyres under cooling conditions at least once a month, including the spare tyre. If the pressure drops too fast, find out the cause immediately. Always check air pressure before a long journey.


3. Do not use damaged tyres


Truck owners should always check the conditions such as bulges, cracks, cuts, punctures, and abnormal wear of heavy truck tyres. They should especially check the abnormal wear on tread edges tyres due to poor positioning or driving at low pressure. If it is found, check the tyre in time and do not continue to use the damaged tyre. If you want to find tyres for sale in China, please contact Aulice.


4. Prohibit extra-life heavy duty all terrain tires


There are wear signs at the remaining depth of 1.6 mm in the tread groove of the heavy duty all terrain tires. The tyre must be replaced if it is worn to this sign. It is dangerous to use tyres that exceed the worn sign, especially when driving on the wet ground because as the pattern wears away, the drainage capacity of the tyres greatly reduces.


5. Don't overspeed


Heavy duty skid steer tires are more likely to encounter foreign body damage at high speeds than at low speeds. Therefore, under no circumstances do you exceed the reasonable speed required by driving conditions and legal limits. Slow down if you turn and encounter obstacles such as potholes in front of you. When driving at high speed, the tyre may hit potholes and other external foreign bodies, resulting in serious extrusion deformation between the foreign object and rim flange of the tyre, which can cause the cord fabric to break, and the air inside the tyre is jammed up from the broken line to form a bulge. Therefore, truck owners must immediately replace the bumped tyres.


6. Careful to change heavy duty skid steer tires


Heavy truck tyres need to be well maintained for longer service life. However, the tire performance will decrease with tyre wear, and even if there is no damage to the tyre, when the pattern or mark is worn or the aging is serious, the tyre needs to be replaced for safety.

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