Nine Secrets for Tyre Distributors to Make Money

Nine Secrets for Tyre Distributors to Make Money

Distributors play an absolute leading role in the local market to deliver products to the terminal. The following contents are 9 key details that account executives must pay attention to in the daily management of distributors.

1. Analysis of sales growth rate by tyre distributors

Analyzing the growth of sales: in principle, tyre distributors who have a relatively large increase in sales are excellent distributors, and a specific analysis of the growth of sales must be done.

Account executives should analyze and compare the market growth conditions and the average growth of tyre manufacturing companies' products.

If a distributor's sales are increasing, but the market share and the average growth rate of his company's products are not rising but falling, then it can be concluded that the management of this distributor is not proper.

2. Statistics on payment collection of tyre distributors

Analyze annual and monthly sales and payment collections, and at the same time, check what is being sold. If annual sales are increasing, but sales fluctuate greatly from month to month, this sales situation is not healthy. If the sales of tyre distributors have shown a steady growth trend, the management of distributors can be regarded as perfect.

3. Tyre distributors should understand the policies of tyre companies

Account executives cannot blindly pursue sales growth. Account executives should make distributors aware of the company's policies and actually comply with the company's policies, thereby promoting sales growth.

Some illegitimate practices, such as vicious competition disrupting the market, smuggling of goods, etc., increase sales, but harm the overall interests of tyre manufacturing companies, which are harmful and unhelpful.

Therefore, it is an important aspect of the salesman's management of the distributor to let the distributor understand, abide by and cooperate with the policy of the enterprise.

4. Tyre distributors should understand the inventory status of goods

Out-of-stock situations often occur, which shows that the distributor does not pay attention to the products of their own company, and it also shows that account executives have little contact with the distributor, which is a serious dereliction of duty by account executives.

If the distributor is out of stock, the company will lose a lot of opportunities. Therefore, doing a good job in inventory management is the most basic responsibility of account executives for the management of tyre distributors.

5. Participation of tyre distributors in promotional activities

Participating in every promotion and increasing the number of sales as a result show the proper management of the distributor. If the distributor is unwilling to participate in or do not cooperate with the various promotional activities organized by the company, account executives must analyze the reasons and formulate countermeasures. Without the participation and cooperation of distributors in promotional activities, promotional activities will only cost money and have no effect.

6. Visit plan for tyre distributors

The management of distributors is mainly carried out through sales visits. Account executives need to review their visits.

A common mistake many account executives make is to make frequent visits to tyre distributors who have larger sales or have a good relationship with them;

For distributors who have low sales but have development potential, or who have very high sales but have a bad relationship with themselves, the number of visits will be reduced, which should absolutely be avoided.

7. Frequency of advice to tyre distributors

Account executives are responsible for different distributors with different characteristics, so the management of the distributors should also match the characteristics of the distributors, so as to achieve multiplier effect with half the effort.

What kind of strategy each tyre distributor should adopt, and what kind of suggestions account executives should make according to this strategy, must be analyzed in advance.

If account executives actively implement distributor management, the frequency of making recommendations to distributors will also be greatly increased.

8. The tyre manufacturing company assists in the management of the terminal tyre shop

Although the terminal tyre shop belongs to the category of distributors, since many tyre shops only recognize the brand of the manufacturer, their perception of the manufacturer determines the quality of the product and the feeling of the brand.

Therefore, account executives should visit the terminal stores more, communicate with the store managers more, listen to the opinions and improvement suggestions on the tyre manufacturing company's series of products, and make friendly contacts at the same time.

9. Assist tyre distributors to understand their competitors

Distributors usually only bury their heads in business and lack professional market research. Our account executives should combine the usual market visits, carefully observe and analyze the various performances of competing products and companies in the market, and communicate the situation with tyre distributors in a timely manner, so that they can keep abreast of market conditions and adjust marketing tactics appropriately.

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