Methods for Dealing with Burst Lorry Tires

Methods for Dealing with Burst Lorry Tires

We have many driver friends who don't know what to do when a tire bursts while driving. A burst tire refers to the tire losing most of its air in a very short period of time. Tire bursts are an important cause of traffic accidents, especially for trucks. So what should we do when a tire bursts on a lorry tyre? Today we will explain this important driving safety knowledge for everyone.

Reasons for lorry tyre bursts

The reasons for lorry tyre bursts are varied, but can be summarized as follows: excessive wear and tear, tire aging, speeding and overloading, high or low air pressure, impact or scratch, tire bulging, tire cracking and other defects. When a tire bursts, stay calm and avoid panic.

Solutions for a lorry tyre burst

  • Do not brake suddenly, but slow down gradually. When a vehicle is traveling at high speed and the tire suddenly bursts, the vehicle will lean to one side. Braking suddenly will worsen this side tilt and may cause the vehicle to overturn.

  • While slowing down, grip the steering wheel tightly and turn it in the opposite direction of the burst tire.

  • If the front tire bursts, grip the steering wheel tightly, adjust the front of the car gently, and avoid repeatedly jerking the steering wheel. Slow down gradually, shift to neutral or downshift gradually, release the accelerator pedal, and repeatedly step on the brake lightly to make the car slowly stop. If the rear tire bursts, the car will be unstable, producing a slight force that will make the car tilt to the side where the tire bursts. At this time, lightly step on the brake pedal repeatedly, adopt a "downshifting and releasing the accelerator" approach, and stop the car slowly. Like when the front tire bursts, do not suddenly apply the brake or rapidly release the accelerator pedal. Use a downshifting and releasing the accelerator method to slow down the car gradually and stop it eventually.

  • After the vehicle is pulled to the side of the road, immediately turn on the hazard lights, turn off the engine, and pull up the handbrake. Only after observing through the rearview mirror that there are no other cars coming from behind, get out of the car and inspect the vehicle. Then, place reflective triangles 150 meters behind the car, depending on the actual situation of the vehicle, either change the spare tire or call for road rescue services.

These are the methods for dealing with bursts in lorry tires. Some drivers choose to use anti-explosion tires to prevent tire bursts, but this cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Our truck drivers should mainly have skilled command of these methods to deal with tire bursts in case of need.

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