Knowledge Related to Heavy-Duty Tires

Knowledge Related to Heavy-Duty Tires

Heavy-duty pickup truck tires are crucial for vehicle safety, fuel efficiency and uptime, and are also the highest consumable cost in truck operating costs besides fuel consumption. How to use tires well, maximize their economic benefits, and bring about cost reduction and efficiency improvement for the entire vehicle is a problem that truckers generally neglect.

Different user groups have different selection standards for heavy-duty tyres

Whether they are international or domestic tire manufacturers, they basically focus their tire products on ensuring the safety, fuel efficiency, and uptime of user vehicles. However, due to different user group characteristics and vehicle usage scenarios, the selection of heavy-duty tyres can also vary greatly.

From the perspective of user group characteristics, fleet users engaged in long-distance logistics have extremely high requirements for the safety, fuel efficiency, and uptime of the entire vehicle. They can hardly tolerate the consequences caused by tire blowout, air leakage, etc., especially for users engaged in trailer transportation, who have insufficient tire management for their trailers and rely more on the quality of the tires themselves. Therefore, whether it is front-loading or rear-loading, they will choose products from leading tire manufacturers with excellent quality. 70% of individual truck drivers cannot guarantee the stability of their transportation mileage while also needing convenient tire maintenance, so they usually focus more on one-time purchase cost and do not strongly demand superior brand and quality of heavy-duty tyres. Vehicles that operate in fixed areas and have scheduled maintenance time also have similar demands for tires.

Heavy-duty tyres costs are high, what are the solutions?

Truck drivers often complain that most vehicle problems arise from tires. Among the daily operating costs of vehicles, besides the large expenses of fuel costs and tolls, tire costs are the biggest.

Air leakage, punctures, tire quality issues are the main causes of tire blowout. Inflation to standard tire pressure is safer and more fuel-efficient, but air leakage can easily cause tire blowouts, and more than 80% of blowouts are caused by air leakage. Puncture-related blowouts are also ultimately due to air leakage, so maintaining normal tire pressure is very important. Currently, four-wheel alignment is generally valued by truck manufacturers, but trailer manufacturers lack this focus, and maintenance cannot keep up, which easily results in abnormal tire wear and tread erosion. If the pull rod rubber sleeve in the trailer suspension system is not replaced in time, it will have a great impact on the lifespan of heavy-duty pickup truck tires.

Slow air leakage is also a prominent maintenance issue for truck tires. Each tire has a different rate of slow air leakage, and it won't be long before the tire pressure is uneven, which increases the possibility of blowouts, increases fuel consumption, shortens tire lifespan, and in serious cases, affects the braking and driving performance of the truck. Related data shows that when the tire pressure is only 80%, the tire lifespan is only 75%.

According to tire association data, the tire renewal rate in North America is as high as 47%. Ensuring adequate tread depth for retreading and not causing ply separation or wire breakage due to air leakage are basic standards for retreading heavy-duty tyres, and the premise for guaranteeing these standards is to take good care of tires and regulate tire pressure.

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