Knowledge about Heavy Truck Tyre Pattern

Knowledge about Heavy Truck Tyre Pattern

Although the pattern of heavy truck tyres is small, it directly affects the fuel consumption, braking force, driving force, NVH (Noise and Vibration) and other properties of the vehicle. However, a lot of people ignore the importance of choosing the correct tyre pattern in the truck industry.

1. Different heavy truck tyre patterns are used in different situations

The working conditions of heavy truck tyres mainly include long-distance expressway, medium and long-distance standard load, medium and long-distance heavy load, the mixture of medium and short-distance driving, off-road working conditions, etc. Usually, in order to reduce fuel consumption, the patterns of the front wheel guide pulley and trailer tyre are multiple straight grooves; the driving wheel is required to provide the driving force for the vehicle and provide enough braking force in the engine braking and hydraulic retarder braking, so the tyre pattern is square-shaped, which is commonly known as "mahjong tyre"; for off-road conditions, sufficient driving force needs to be maintained on muddy roads, and the transverse pattern grooves are larger and deeper.

There is only one drive axle in 4 x 2 and 6 x 2 heavy trucks, and the acceleration, climbing, and downhill braking of the vehicle totally rely on the drive axle, therefore, "mahjong tyres" are required; due to the use of two drive axles, the tyre pattern requirements of 6×4 heavy trucks are lower, so the pattern can be consistent with that of the front wheel.

For vehicles driving in rainy and snowy days, it requires the heavy truck tyres to maintain sufficient driving force and road holding, so it is suggested that the tyres must have transverse patterns; as for high-speed labeling logistics vehicles, because the road conditions are mainly expressways, and there is not too much rapid acceleration, hill climbing and slow braking, the use of versatile position tyres can meet the requirements, and the tyre pattern optimization can further reduce fuel consumption.

2. The importance of heavy truck tyre patterns

The replacement cost of heavy truck tyres is an important part of the vehicle operation cost, which is only next to the fuel charge and the toll fee. In order to save costs, some people usually only buy two new tyres and install them in the front wheel, ensuring the absolute safety of the front wheel; then they adjust the front tyres to the rear tyre position, and adjust the rear tyres to the trailer until the tyres are run out. Generally, the service life of a tyre is 100,000 kilometers under standard load, but many people prolong its service life to 150,000-180,000 kilometers. There are serious safety risks if driving over the limit.

It is very significant to attach great importance to the influence of tyre patterns on the performance of heavy trucks, and the most appropriate tyre pattern should be chosen according to the actual working conditions. In addition, the pattern of the new tyre should be consistent with the previous one when changing the tyre. In driving, the depth of the tyre pattern should be checked frequently, and the tyre that reaches the warning line should be replaced in time.

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