Is It Profitable to Run a Lorry Tire Store Near the Highway?

Is It Profitable to Run a Lorry Tire Store Near the Highway?

We all know that the location of lorry tyres selling shops determines the passenger flow, so many lorry tyres selling shops like to enter the auto parts city in the first and second-tier cities, such as the largest auto parts and auto accessories distribution center in North China - Beijing Wufang Tianya Auto Parts City. During some holidays, the number of people entering a single store of some auto retail stores can reach more than 50, not to mention the retail stores of auto supplies and auto parts. In addition to the auto parts city, the entrances and exits of the expressway and both sides of the national highway are also popular locations for many lorry tyres selling shops. Although the passenger flow is not as good as that of the auto parts city, these places still have their unique advantages that attract many owners of lorry tyres selling shops to choose the location to open their shops.

1. The "savior" of truck drivers

Highways and national highways are the most familiar places for truck and bus drivers. They spend almost a year on-road transportation. If a tire fails, the quickest solution is to find the nearest repair shop for tire repair. The lorry tyres selling shops not far from the highway are the "saviour" of truck and bus owners.

At the same time, these lorry tyres selling shops can quickly provide tire repair services such as mobile tire repairs, so that they can reach the accident site easily and quickly. Therefore, it is easier for shops next to highways and national highways to win repeat customers for transportation.

2. Cheap shop rent and low operating cost

Most of the roads beside the national highways and expressways are villages and towns, and many of them are self-built houses. They adopt the operation method of living upstairs and opening lorry tyres selling shops downstairs, with little or no rent pressure. If the shop owner is a homeowner and a tire worker who has been in the tire business for more than ten years, most of the workers he hires are his own relatives or his own apprentices. In this way, due to the low rent and labor costs of lorry tyres selling shops, tires and tire repair services in these shops near the expressway are cheaper than those in the auto parts city in the city. If truck drivers encounter tires of the same quality and brand, shops with cheap lorry tyres are naturally their first choice for repairs and replacements.

3. More suitable for the market of lorry tyres for sale are, better their sales

Lorry tyres selling shops near expressways and national highways will be more likely to accurately locate the best-selling tyre brands in the region because more vehicles are passing by. Being more in line with the market has become the unique business advantage of these lorry tyres selling shops. These shops can make tyre brands, models, and sizes that suit the actual needs of nearby road sections and car owners, and stay away from market conditions instead of copying others. We have seen in previous interviews that certain regions have a clear preference for specific tyre brands, and the lorry tyres selling shops rooted in the second and third line expressways were the first to discover this.

Convenient transportation location, large passenger flow, many repeat customers, low operating costs, and selection of products that fit market preferences are the reasons why these shops selling tires and repairing tires near highways can endure for a long time. However, it should be noted that even if the roadside shop is a "saviour", tire inspection before travel is still essential. After all, tire failure is an extremely dangerous thing when the vehicle is driving at high speed. At present, all vehicles are required to be equipped with tire pressure monitoring devices, and tire pressure monitoring devices have become a must-have configuration for vehicles. If the tire pressure alarms before driving, car owners should go to the repair shop to repair the tire in time and do not go to high speed at this time.

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