How to Choose Heavy Truck Tires?

How to Choose Heavy Truck Tires?

A thousand mile trip begins with one step. For trucks, heavy duty tyres are their shoes. If you want to save fuel, you must choose the right tires.

Ⅰ. Which tyre is best for heavy trucks?

1. Radial and bias tyres

The biggest difference between the two types of tires is the arrangement of ply materials in the middle of the tire. The ply of radial tire is arranged vertically and crosswise like radial, while that of bias tire is arranged at an angle of about 45 °. From the comparison, we can see the difference between the two tires.

Compared with bias tire, radial tire has the following advantages:

(1). Long service life;

(2). Small rolling resistance and fuel saving;

(3). Large bearing capacity and good adhesion;

(4). Low tire temperature and fast heat dissipation;

(5). The tread is not easy to puncture and burst.

Due to the outstanding advantages of radial tires, the application of bias tires has been very few. And bus tyres suppliers prefer to choose the former.

2. Line tires and steel tires

These two concepts also refer to ply. Nylon is used for thread tire, also known as nylon tire, and steel wire is used for steel wire tire. Because the ply is the main bearing unit of the tire, the strength of steel tire is higher than that of nylon tire.

3. Inner tube tire and vacuum tire

The vacuum tire we often say is also called tubeless tire, so it is easier to understand by comparing the two concepts. Vacuum tire has no inner tube. It uses the inner wall of tire and the air tight layer of bead to ensure good air tightness between tire and rim, so as to replace the role of traditional inner tube, and the outer tube also plays the role of inner tube. Compared with tires with inner tubes, vacuum tires have the following advantages:

(1). Slow air leakage and high safety;

(2). Good heat dissipation and long service life;

(3). Reduce self weight and fuel consumption;

(4). Wear resistant, suitable for long-distance and high-speed driving.

However, because many heavy trucks in China are seriously overloaded, vacuum tires are not particularly suitable. However, with the gradual standardization of the truck market, vacuum tires should be a development trend of heavy duty tyres.

Ⅱ. What are tractor tires?

Drive tires on tractor are mostly rubber products. Rubber tires include outer and inner tires. The outer tire is the part of the rubber wheel in direct contact with the ground. It is mainly composed of tread, cord ply, buffer layer, sidewall and bead.

The tread is made of wear-resistant rubber. It is the driving surface of the tire to ensure that the wheel has sufficient adhesion to the ground and protect the ply and inner tube. There are raised cross-country patterns on the tread, generally in the shape of "herringbone" or "8". The patterns can increase the adhesion between the rubber wheel and the soil, reduce slip and have certain anti sideslip ability.

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