How to Choose Big Truck Tires?

How to Choose Big Truck Tires?

As the "shoes" of trucks, tires carry the heavy responsibility of trucks traveling thousands of miles a day. The tire plays the role of supporting the vehicle body, buffering the external impact, and realizing the contact with the road surface to ensure the driving of the vehicle.

It is crucial in driving and is subjected to various deformations, load forces, and the test of high and low temperatures.

With the advancement of science and technology, tires have developed from nylon bias tires to steel radial tires in the past, and various special tires have emerged one after another. The quality of tires is related to driving safety, and also indirectly affects vehicle attendance and maintenance costs.

1. Select big truck tires according to high-speed travel speed

The speed rating of the tire is one of the properties of the tire, and the speed rating marked on the tire is the maximum safe driving speed for which the tire is designed. Driving below this speed, the performance and life of the tires will be the best performance.

Common big truck tires speed grades are J (100km/h), K (110km/h), L (110km/h), and M (110km/h).

Ⅱ. Select big truck tires according to the actual working conditions

1. Large load transportation: It is recommended to choose steel radial tires with inner tubes for trucks with large load capacity, and the tire structure with inner tubes can ensure the needs of heavy loads. At the same time, it is emphasized here that the heavy-duty card friends must choose tires with a tire level of 18 to meet the load-bearing needs.

2. Standard load transportation: The big truck tires are mainly tubeless tires. The tubeless design has good heat dissipation and can maintain a low tire temperature during long-distance travel. In addition, it has good wear resistance, safety, comfort and stability.

Those with lighter loads can choose 6-tier tires to reduce purchasing costs. Aulice has good quality big truck tires for sale, please contact us at any time.

Ⅲ. Choose different big truck tires for different roads

1. Mine road: The mine road is complex, muddy, slippery, and has many miscellaneous stones, which has a strict test for tires.

For such road conditions, you can choose special tires for engineering vehicles. The huge pattern of engineering tires can effectively avoid the damage of debris to the tires, and can also provide good tire grip to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle.

2. Paved roads: Paved roads are the roads that are visible every day. Big truck big tires mainly choose tubeless tires. It has a tubeless design, which reduces tire temperature for long-distance travel and reduces the chance of a puncture. Tubeless tires are the best choice for pavement due to their good wear resistance, safety, comfort and stability.

3. Sand road: The sand road is soft, the general driving speed is low, and the bias tire can be selected for the light load. Bias tire cord is woven with nylon threads, and the deformation of the tire is larger than that of radial tires, which can provide a larger tire contact surface on soft sandy roads. And the price of bias tires is relatively low and fully suitable for this road surface.

Ⅳ. Select special tires for wheel positions of big truck tires

1. Special tire for guide wheel: As the name suggests, this tire is dedicated to the front wheel. It has a special pattern for the guide wheel, which can provide excellent control when driving at high speed.

2. Special tire for driving wheel: The tire has an independent pattern block structure, which has superior braking and handling performance, and can provide good grip on snow and wet roads.

The driving wheel tires have steering requirements, and the sidewalls are marked with arrows, so you must pay attention when installing the tires.

3. Special tires for trailers: The general tread pattern of trailers is smooth, which reduces the driving resistance. It is characterized by wear resistance and small rolling resistance, which can achieve the purpose of fuel-saving.

4. All-wheel tires: All-wheel tires of big truck tires can be called all-round players in the tire industry, and can be used in all wheel positions. It is guiding, gripping and abrasion resistant at the same time. This tire is the most commonly used tire, but also because of its versatility, in terms of performance, there is no professional tire for each wheel position. If you often drive on the highway, this tire is a good choice.

Ⅴ. Production date is also critical for buying big truck tires

On the outside of the tire, there will be a set of numbers printed on the tire wall, and the production date can be known from the last four digits of the logo. It consists of four digits "AABB".

The first two "AA" indicate the week of the year, and the last two "BB" indicate the year.

Big truck tires that have been stored for a long time will age and harden, and their wear resistance and comfort will be reduced to varying degrees. It is recommended that you try to choose tires with a recent production date.

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