How Tire Shops Can Harness the Power of E-commerce

How Tire Shops Can Harness the Power of E-commerce

Nowadays, the power of tyre retail stores is becoming weaker in the market, and for young consumers who are the future main force, tyre stores are a place to be cheated. Purchasing tyres from tyres e-commerce platforms is not only cheap but also convenient, so it is very difficult for tyre stores to expand their business except for old customers. Many people use computer centers to compare with tyre stores today. How can tyre stores change or wait to be harvested into installers by tyre e-commerce platforms?

In fact, both for couples' tyre stores and e-commerce platforms, the choice of which mode to adopt depends on their own situation. Many tyre shops blindly cooperate with e-commerce platforms, which seems to be holding onto the thigh of giants, but actually the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. In addition to franchise fees that may be charged, there are many differences in positioning between commercial tyres e-commerce platforms and tyre stores.

Commercial tyres e-commerce platforms emphasize convenience and luxury

What does a commercial vehicle tyres e-commerce platform give the impression of, besides being convenient and fast, the most important thing is to feel luxurious in terms of the business model and hardware and software services. You can experience more advanced services for the same amount of money, so choosing a tyre e-commerce platform is worth it. Therefore, many truck tyres manufacturers have started online business. A large part of the customer base of tyre e-commerce platforms are high-end customers who value taste. Visiting a small tyre store run by a couple to replace tyres feels out of place except for the tyre replacement itself. It is difficult for tyre couples' stores to win over additional services from this type of car owner.

Different customers have different commercial tyres requirements

The most powerful weapon of tyre e-commerce platforms is traffic. If tyre stores can make use of the traffic advantages of tyre e-commerce platforms, there are many benefits. They can take advantage of every customer opportunity and try to grab business. Tyre stores need to work hard whether customers come in just to install tyres or come in for maintenance, wheel alignment, and other services. 4S stores do this very well, and for customers who come from other channels, they establish customer files in their system. According to these files, they provide customized services.

Business derived from tyre services

After a general customer places an order, the commercial tyres shop can receive information such as the phone number, car model, year, tyre size, tread, price, and other information. This is enough to establish a basic customer information database. When the customer comes to the store to replace the tyres, they can also check other things, such as whether the brake pads need to be replaced, whether the battery is healthy, whether maintenance is needed, whether the lights are functioning correctly, and so on. All of these routine inspections can be given for free. If the car owner wants to save time, they can choose to do everything together. After all, it is tiring for the car owner to come a long way just to replace tyres, so it is better to do everything in one go.

Tyre stores' tyres are not expensive

Commercial tyres for sale can be found on both e-commerce platforms and in brick-and-mortar stores. The common impression now is that tyres e-commerce platforms have super cheap tyres, while commercial tyres stores have super expensive ones. Some tyres on tyre e-commerce platforms are indeed cheaper than those in tyre stores, or even less expensive than their original cost. However, there are also more expensive tyres on tyre e-commerce platforms than those in tyre stores. If a tyre store encounters a tyre order from a tyre e-commerce platform at a higher price than its own, they can tell the car owner when replacing their tyres. This can break the car owner's inherent impression of tyre stores cheating, which can be of great help for developing future business with the car owner, and even make them a loyal customer of the tyre store.

But for larger-scale tyre stores, there are more business channels, and cooperating with tyre e-commerce platforms is just one of them. When tyre e-commerce platforms propose to take over a tyre store's interests, tyre stores can refuse with more confidence, because they have their own strength, so there is no need to worry that tyre e-commerce platforms will threaten to interrupt cooperation. Even if they act as commercial tyre installers, they can still hold onto their bottom line.

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