How Should a Tire Distributor Make Money?

How Should a Tire Distributor Make Money?

1.Wholesale tire distributors should replace management with encouragement

In order to improve purchase frequency and quantity of distribution customers, tyre distributors often take various ways to stimulate the short-term purchase desire of distribution customers, such as giving gifts and giveaways, increasing rebate points, reducing supply price, and promising the total regional distribution rights for tyres and others. They regard every customer as God and blindly comply with various requirements of customers without any principle. Thus, they ignore the price control and regional management of customers in the process of product distribution and ignore the assessment of credit rating and capital strength of distribution customers. In the end, although the distribution customers complete the sales task, they disrupt the market and even "close down" overnight, causing huge dead accounts to distributors.

2. Wholesale tire distributors are too enthusiastic to big customers but too indifferent to small customers

In the process of operation, "low price", "rebate" and "courtesy" seem to be the preferential treatment that can only be enjoyed by "big customers" who purchase a large number of semi trailer tyres; for "small customers" with the small purchase amount, distributors are indifferent and drive up the supply price wantonly, not to mention the year-end rebate.

As everyone knows, the greater the support for "big customers" is, the easier it is to cultivate a competitor in a short time, which is no different from "opening up other people's Ren and Du with one's own genuine Qi", consuming one's own genuine Qi and increasing other people's internal power.

At the same time, because small customers can't stand the cold reception, they become faithless and transfer the tyre purchase channel to other distributors. Obviously, some China wholesale tire distributors lose their customers, but secretly, he helps his competitors to increase their tyre sales.

3.Price war in the era of low profit for wholesale tire distributors

As distributors of heavy duty tyres, have you ever lamented "making wedding clothes for others"?

In the low-profit business environment, some tyre distributors do not fight "quality war, brand war, service war", but fight "price war" like "rebating", "reducing sales price" as a means to seize customer resources. On the one hand, disorderly competition seriously disrupts the circulation order of the industry, leading to tense relations in the tyre industry; on the other hand, they do not really have the advantage of low price, causing serious losses to themselves.

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