How Long Can Tires Last Before They "Expire" ?

How Long Can Tires Last Before They "Expire" ?

In fact, there are many stages that a tire has to go through from production to being delivered to the end store, and it is definitely not possible to order today and receive the tire from the factory at the terminal store tomorrow. And when the overall industry is experiencing a downturn, the time that tires stay in dealer inventory will also increase, making it difficult for end customers to find tires with a production date within six months. Typically, tires sold by the terminal stores are over a year old from their production date. So does this mean that the tire has "expired"? Of course not. Buying a tire is not like buying vegetables, where freshness is the only thing to consider. Usually, mining tires that have been stored for a year still have no problems.

Mining tires don't have to be "new"

There is currently no standard set date for tire expiry worldwide, because the damage to each tire depends on multiple factors such as temperature, load, tire pressure, speed, and even the road surface used for mining tyres. Therefore, tires are not necessarily better when they are new, especially when the tires are stored in good environmental conditions and not affected by any of the factors mentioned above. Tires within three years of production date have virtually no difference in performance. However, it should be noted that although there is no explicit expiration date, different regions in the world have different rules regarding sales deadlines.

"Expiration date" for mining tires in different regions

The British Rubber Manufacturers Association explicitly advises against installing new tyres that have been in storage for six years or more onto vehicles, and it requires that all tyres that have been 10 years after their manufacture date must be disposed of, whether they have been used or not.

However, some tire companies believe that as long as the tire is not installed on a vehicle and not subject to wear and tear caused by braking, accelerating, extreme weather, and road conditions, the term "expiration" does not apply to tires. To a certain extent, tires that have been produced for 10 years or more must be replaced or discarded.

Storing mining tires is better when done in a certain way

The storage conditions for mining tyres have a huge impact on their subsequent performance. Temperature control is usually the most critical element in storage conditions - the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) recommends storing tires at a temperature below 35°C. Research has shown that the aging rate of tires stored at 50°C is twice that of tires stored at 40°C, and four times faster than tires stored at 30°C.

Choosing mining tires depends on performance

In fact, the most important thing to consider when choosing mining tyres is the performance information transmitted on the tyre sidewall, such as size, specification, speed rating, load index, etc., to determine if it is the tyre that you want. Whether the tire has "expired" is often not the focus of attention. Generally, regular tire stores have tire inventory that is within 2-3 years old, and stored in excellent conditions, so there is no need to worry about the tire becoming ineffective after being stored for over two years.

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