How Does the Store Achieve Success in the Tire Business?

How Does the Store Achieve Success in the Tire Business?

1. What is the big truck tire business?

In the aftermarket of big trucks, no matter which brand of wearing parts it is, it follows the principle of commodity circulation. Tires business includes product and service, so it will generate a circulation process.

First of all, look at the line from the factory end to OE. Because most customers do not have a high level of awareness of all the accessories of big trucks, when they enter the store and ask "Does your store sell the tires they are using?". Here, the original OEM's supporting OE link determines the circulation of the accessories.

Therefore, the understanding of the OE market will play a very important role in the retail of big truck tires, and then look at the three unavoidable channels in the circulation of the entire tire business: toB, tob, and on line.

Among them, the toB end is a traditional wholesale agent, which is also most of the existing distribution channels; tob is directly to the store end, and it is also a store-direct supply that each factory will do, but when there is no scale, the procurement cost is too high; on line means the online platform.

Regardless of which channel, in the end, it will return to offline stores, such as repair shops or 4S stores, single stores or chain stores. In the face of C-end customers, the importance of offline stores should be highlighted, because tires are of no value in warehouses, and in the end they still have to be loaded.

2. What kind of tire business does the store have in the distribution of big truck tires?

The tire business of the store is divided into four directions: left, right, horizontal and vertical, up and down. Among them, the up and down directions are B2B and B2b wholesale business;

The left and right lines are tire retail business, modification of wheel hub and other chassis system, as well as training and talent output, marketing system construction, channel construction and brand planning, etc. This is another additional business.

However, most of the stores that have commercial tyres for sale cannot escape the left-hand line, that is, tyre distributors retail tires in stores, and at the same time get involved in the specific business of wheel hubs and chassis parts, which have typical representatives in each segmented channel.

Therefore, the store's tire business is not just a simple matter of loading four tires into a car. If it is developed horizontally and vertically, the business volume will become even larger.

Our stores not only do retail, but also set up stores as front warehouses as a truck tyre wholesaler, that is, the number of stores we have in a certain city is equivalent to the number of front warehouses we have, serving the wholesale business of surrounding repair shops and other customers (small B end).

3. How should tyre distributors be professional in selling tires?

(1) Do a good job of basic work, and conduct a series of training for stores in various aspects such as tire culture, construction practice, sales skills, supply chain procurement, profit management, store marketing, product display, retail brand planning, and channel development.

(2) Do a good job in tire related business. Because tires are a business of tires + related products, from working hours, car washing to tire repair, tire products must be combined with related businesses.

(3) Create a great sales atmosphere and do a good job in store display. Big truck tires are different from other wearing parts, because vehicle maintenance is a rigid demand, and the sales of tires have passed the time of "good wine needs no bush", and customers need to see it with their eyes.

At the same time, the employees of the store should do a detailed inspection of the tires for each customer entering the store, so as to promote the tire business.

Therefore, it is a very good way to let customers know that the business of the store includes tire projects, and when they want to change tires, they will think of this store. It is a very good way to display tires.

However, the display requires product inventory and needs a lot of money. Therefore, the store can clean up the waste tires and put them on the shelves. Among them, tyre distributors must also pay attention to details such as easy access, label alignment, visual presentation of product information, and eye-catching promotional information.

The display of tires should have certain flexibility while following the rules. Appropriate adjustments can be made according to the characteristics of the store itself and surrounding customers, all for the purpose of better sales.

In addition, it is also necessary to create best-selling models to prompt customers to have an impulse to buy; configure corresponding materials; present a detailed analysis of products, and do a good job of training employees twice a week.

For marketing activities, the orientation of "brand + sales + customer attraction" must be carried out throughout the year, and promotional activities should not be held just because the number of customers entering the store is insufficient, or once the number of customers entering the store increases, cancel the activities immediately. Regardless of the big truck tire business, it is important to have a full schedule of promotional activities throughout the year.

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