How Can Tire Distributors Improve Their Survivability?

How Can Tire Distributors Improve Their Survivability?

In the tire industry, the successful business model in the manufacturer cooperation model is that the core value of tyre factories lies in "business", focusing on product development and brand promotion. The core value of tire distributors lies in "sales" and the focus is to do a good job in warehousing, logistics and sales promotion. With the day-to-day competition in the tire market, product homogeneity tends to become more serious and tire distributors' profits are also infinitely reduced, but personnel, distribution and maintenance costs are facing higher and higher situations. Tire distributors are facing unprecedented embarrassment. But as far as the current tire industry channels are concerned, the tire distributor link cannot be eliminated. How can distributors become stronger and bigger in the existing environment and what is the future development direction?

Ⅰ. Integrate resources

Future tire distributors must be tire distributors with strong resource integration capabilities! How strong your integration ability is, how strong your future will be. A distributor without the concept of integration and a distributor without the ability to integrate must not be able to do much. So what should be integrated? How to integrate?

1. An excellent tire distributor must be able to integrate tyre factory resources, market resources and channel resources. To become stronger and bigger, a distributor must obtain the support of tyre factory resources.

2. He can effectively use the resources of tire factories with certain strength.

3. Competent tire factories are relatively strong in terms of capital. As a tire distributor, how to use the manufacturer's resources to activate the market is also critical.

4. A tire distributor must have the ability to integrate market channel resources. It is impossible for every distributor in a prefecture-level city to radiate the channels in the area under its jurisdiction.

Ⅱ. Make your own business card

Owning a brand is your best business card. To be a tire distributor, you must choose a powerful tyre brand and be able to make the potential tyre brand stronger and bigger. Not only distributors should choose carefully when representing tyre brands, but distributors should also create a team with their own business cards from products, services to after-sales.

Ⅲ. A perfect team

Things can never be done without people and things can never be done perfectly without serious and responsible people. Team is the first element to make tire distributors stronger and bigger. There is no perfect individual but there is a perfect team.

Ⅳ. Channel control

The tire distributor who can control the channel is the real high-quality tire distributor. If a distributor has super resource integration ability, sufficient team formation, training, management ability, super channel control and brand concept, it is impossible for such a distributor to be unsuccessful.

The fulcrum of tire distributors' survival is not the product, let alone the tire factory, but the market. "distributors are regional animals and it is enough to do a good job of their own land." Only by researching and being familiar with the market can tire distributors win the initiative in front of tyre factories and win development space. If you don't know the market, even getting a good product doesn't guarantee success. Market products complement each other, no matter how good tire brands are, they should also be blessed by distributors!


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