Full-life Management System Function for Truck Tyres

Full-life Management System Function for Truck Tyres

Real-time monitoring of mining tires operation

Currently, most open-pit mining sites use timing or periodic manual measurement to monitor the pressure of mining tyres during shift handovers, or rely on observation of tyre deformation according to experience to determine whether the tire pressure meets the standards. However, tire pressure is dynamic and constantly changes nonlinearly with changes in load, speed, working time, climate, and tire temperature. Open-pit mining trucks generally run continuously, and when the tire temperature rises, the internal pressure changes. When the temperature and pressure exceed the limit, there is a risk of explosion. Traditional tire monitoring methods are relatively passive, and the monitored data is inaccurate and lacks real-time performance. The tire whole life management system can monitor tire temperature and pressure in real-time and transmit it to the monitoring system server.

Combined use of multiple mining tires with different performances

Due to the high price of imported tyres, increasing the proportion of mining truck tyres is an effective way to reduce production costs for open-pit mines. It is becoming increasingly important to reduce costs through reasonable combination of different performance tyres. The tire whole life management system for trucks adjusts the truck's running speed and loading according to a large amount of data statistics and analysis, improving the service life of the tire combination and maximizing the overall efficiency of truck operation, effectively reducing dependence on imported tyres.

Comprehensive analysis of scrapped mining tires

The reasons for tire scrapping are related to the manufacturer's production process and the selection of rubber materials, as well as abnormal working conditions such as mine road conditions and high temperatures and pressures during operation. The high pressure causes tire expansion and deformation, reduces tire body elasticity, and increases the dynamic load on the truck during operation. If there is an impact, it will cause tire surface rupture. At the same time, high pressure reduces the contact area of the tire, accelerates wear and tear in the middle of the crown, and leads to premature wear and tear of the tire. Low pressure causes tire deformation, increases friction and heat, causes internal fatigue of the tire, accelerates the aging and deformation of the steel wire and rubber, and leads to cutting and separation of the tire. High temperature and high pressure weaken the internal structure of mining truck tyres, and combined with factors such as impact, it may lead to premature scrapping.

Dynamic real-time setting of mining tires pressure

Both high and low pressure damage tires. High pressure increases the probability of tire impacts and cuts, while low pressure increases heat generation and wear, and the increase in rolling friction also leads to an increase in truck fuel consumption. Tire whole life management system for mining truck tyres includes static pressure setting and dynamic pressure monitoring. Static pressure setting periodically adjusts the tire pressure based on a comprehensive analysis of tire performance (such as different brands, wear rates, tire position, etc.), mine production and transportation conditions (such as load, speed, road conditions, etc.), and changes in environmental temperature. Dynamic pressure adjustment first analyzes dynamic temperature and pressure to determine a reasonable range for operating temperature and pressure, and then dynamically adjusts and controls pressure and temperature according to actual operating conditions. This is different from the traditional passive pressure control based on monitoring tools, breaking through the traditional static pressure monitoring.

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