Economic Analysis of Mining Car Tire Repair

Economic Analysis of Mining Car Tire Repair

Operating costs of mining trucks have always been at a high level because the tires are easily punctured or cut due to the engineering environment. This leads to a year-by-year increase in tire consumption costs. Therefore, strengthening the management and repair capabilities of commercial truck tires can reduce mining truck operation costs and provide savings opportunities. It plays a very important role in tire maintenance and management.

Repair technology of commercial truck tires

The transportation cost of mining truck tires can reach 20% to 30% of the total transportation cost. In recent years, with the continuous increase in the loading capacity of mining trucks, the carrying capacity and type of tires matched with trucks have gradually increased, resulting in rising tire prices. During the transportation of mining trucks, their tires are often cut and damaged. Most of the tires affected by such problems can be repaired. Improving the repair level can greatly reduce the cost. Repairing commercial vehicle tyres is an important way to restore tire performance. We must do well in the management of its technology, reduce the operation cost of truck tires, and effectively improve economic benefits.

Economic benefits of commercial truck tires

Using the tire repair business of a certain coal mine as an example, the number of repaired tires of the mine vehicles accounts for about 10% of the total number of damaged tires, and the average service life of the repaired tires accounts for 28% of the total service life of the tires. It can be seen that tire repairing can save 28% of the total cost. After analyzing the statistical data of tire use and repair, it can be seen that the tire repair types and ranges are gradually increasing. This has increased the service life of tires to a certain extent. This indicates that tire repair technology is gradually maturing. The scientific application of commercial truck tires repair technology plays a very significant role and significance in both economic benefits and alleviating the tight supply of tires.

Under the expanding impact of the repair business, repair technology and repair experience continue to increase. In the future tire repair work, the repair range can be further expanded while ensuring safety, and the repair quality can be further improved, which will contribute more to cost reduction and creation of more economic benefits. Strive to maximize the life and effectiveness of each repaired tire under the premise of ensuring safety, effectively reduce tire consumption, and improve the company's economic benefits.

To sum up, the mining work has always been an important part of social and economic development, and mining trucks play a very important role as one of the important equipment. Applying the technology of repairing commercial truck tires in the maintenance of mining trucks can play an important role in reducing tire consumption, realizing cost reduction, and improving enterprise economic benefits. We must strengthen our attention and effort to achieve "cost reduction and efficiency improvement".

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