Do You Know About Tire Speed Ratings?

Do You Know About Tire Speed Ratings?

When we do daily maintenance of tyres, we often see a single letter at the end of the column of tyre specifications, such as U or V. This letter represents the speed rating, different letters indicating the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a specified load under specified conditions, affecting the driving safety of the tyre and being one of the key indicators of tyre quality and performance.

Speed rating for passenger car tyres

The speed rating of international tyres usually starts from A1 and ends at ZR. Currently, the highest speed rating for passenger car tyres is ZR, which can reach speeds over 240 kilometers/hour. The tyre speed rating for tyre shops is usually between U and Y, meaning the maximum speed of the tyre under specified loads is between 200-300 kilometers/hour.

Higher speed rated tyres often have reinforced shoulder and tyre pattern designs to help buffer heat generation and prevent tyre deformation during high-speed driving. Additionally, due to the reinforced tyre pattern and shoulder designs, higher speed rated tyres have better grip and handling, and better braking performance in wet and dry conditions, which means that even under poor road conditions, higher speed rated tyres with superior technology have better safety performance. Therefore, when some customers know the speed rating to save money, when faced with customer inquiries about changing to tyres of the first level, we can introduce the advantages of higher speed rated tyres in terms of safety and performance.

For drivers of operation vehicles who prefer to save money and choose lower-speed rated tyres, more emphasis can be placed on wear resistance when changing tyres. In fact, higher speed rated tyres save more money and are more worry-free because the higher the speed rating, the higher the material and technological content of the tyre, which can help improve performance while making the tyre more wear-resistant. Previously, tyre testers found that in different road tests, tyres with a V rating were significantly more wear-resistant than those with an S rating because of their greater shoulder strength. When S-grade tyres had visibly recognizable wear, V-grade tyres still maintained their stable performance advantages.

In addition, since temperature, tyre pressure, wear levels and tyre materials all affect the safe speed of the tyre, higher speed rated tyres perform better than lower speed rated tyres in different road conditions and weather. After driving for a long time, with less maintenance and a full evaluation, higher speed rated tyres are more reassuring and save money.

Quality of low-speed rated tyres

Since the minimum tyre quality rating on the road is currently at least S or T level, many people believe that lower rated tyres have disappeared. However, this idea is wrong. Special tyres used for forestry, agriculture, and mining operations do not require high speeds, so more research and development technology is used for puncture resistance, wear resistance and load resistance ad their speed rating is relatively low.

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