Difference Between Car Tires and Truck Tires

Difference Between Car Tires and Truck Tires

The tire shops on the street are generally divided into those that deal with big truck tires and those that deal with small car tires. The tire shops seen in normal auto parts cities and communities are usually for cars, while those seen in the outskirts or on national highways are usually for trucks. These two types of tire shops represent two different types of tire business with vastly different target customers, service requirements, and storefronts.

Characteristics of small car and big truck tyre shops

Those selling small car tires face ordinary car owners and even luxury car owners. Some of these small car tire shops are lavishly decorated and cater to well-mannered working professionals who require sophisticated sales techniques. With the development of e-commerce, these small car tire shops have many opportunities to gain exposure.

However, those who deal with large truck tires earn more. There are more than a dozen tires on one large truck, while only four on one car. As a result, even though the profit margin on each tire may not be high, the income from selling truck tires is considerable due to the high volume. Doing business with large tires is physically demanding, requires high skills, and some tire mechanics at shops without adequate equipment even risk their lives. Those who deal with big tires for trucks are truly skilled professionals.

Different rental pressures for small car and big truck tires

The biggest pressure for tire shops comes from rent, which has been on a linear increase in the past few years. The rent for small car tire shops in some automotive cities where shops cluster together is not cheap, and now that tire shops are having a hard time making money, many of them cannot afford to stay in those locations. The situation is the same for small car tire shops in communities, and even worse for those in bustling urban areas. After excluding rent, labor costs, water and electricity, taxes, and fees, how much profit can tire shops make? Many small car tire shops can only move to cheaper locations, but business is poor in rural areas, and it is equally difficult to make a profit.

However, big truck tire shops which provide lorry tyre are different. Although they also need to pay rent, these shops are usually situated around national highways and logistics parks, which are usually located in remote areas with low land costs. Truck tire shops are generally not located in city centers, because in many cities, trucks are not allowed to enter them. Being situated close to national highways also allows the shops to provide services such as tire replacement and inspection for logistics vehicles. Since the target customers are different, the costs are also different.

Huge differences in decoration between small car and big truck tyre shops

There is a huge difference in decoration between small car tire shops and large truck tire shops. Although small car tire shops cannot be considered luxurious, they are usually well-organized. Some upscale chain storefronts have luxurious customer lounges and clean work areas, offering customers a comfortable and clean feeling when they enter the shop. Small car tire shops also provide a wide range of services, from tires to maintenance, car washing, film coating, and many other automotive aftermarket services.

On the other hand, big truck tyre shops offer very few services, mainly puncture repairs and changing tires. Only high-end truck tire shops can provide more sophisticated services such as wheel alignment. The decoration is also very simple, and some shops aren't even decorated. However, the big truck tire shops usually have a large parking area, which is beneficial for large trucks that need to park temporarily.

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