Daily Maintenance Skills of Heavy Truck Tires

Daily Maintenance Skills of Heavy Truck Tires

Heavy truck tyres are very important for trucks. Because of the needs in work, the tyres should not only have high wear resistance, flexion resistance, but also have low rolling resistance and heat generation. In the maintaining process every year, the replacement of heavy truck tyres is a large expenditure. Therefore, in order to ensure driver safety and save costs, tyre maintenance is particularly important. Today, let's talk about the maintenance of heavy truck tyres.


1. Regular check of reasonable tyre pressure


It is ubiquitous that heavy truck tyres are overloaded and pumped irrationally. Either too high or too low tyre pressure will increase the wear of heavy truck tyres. We can increase the tyre pressure by 5%~10% according to the standard, and pressurize each tyre reasonably according to the load condition of each shaft. Make sure that the tyre pressure on the same axle must be the same. Besides, we should also check frequently to ensure the normal use condition of tyres in daily driving.


2. Take the anti-stick measure for new tyres


Many people are not aware of taking the anti-stick measure for new tyres. They install the new tyre directly for use as soon as it is purchased, and when there is no air in the tyre, they find that the inner tube and the outer tyre have stuck together. Forced detachment will cause a certain degree of damage, so before the use of the new tyre, anti-sticking treatment should be applied. Before loading, remove the heavy truck tyres and spread them with talcum powder.


3. Good tires require good rims


Only good tyres but without good rims make no sense. When choosing the wheel rims, we must pay attention to the size. When combined with heavy truck tyres, the debris on the rim should be removed, and then brush the surface with soapy water and add a proper tire pad to minimize wear between the tyres and the rims.


4. Ensure the service life through tyre positioning


Because the role and load of each shaft are different, the wear caused is also different, and we need to change the positions of the heavy truck tyres frequently. The vehicle manufacturer will provide a detailed reference on how to change the tyres and the suitable positioning revenue passenger kilometers, so we can carry out the tyre positioning according to their standards.


5. Clean foreign matters in tyres in time


Most people know that the direct contact between the tyre and the ground will inevitably cause a lot of foreign matters to attach to it, and such a long time friction will lead to the wear and tear of heavy truck tire tread rubber, reduce the service life of the tyre, or even result in a flat tyre. Therefore, we must timely clean up the foreign matters attached to the tyres in daily driving, so as to reduce unnecessary damages to the tyres.


6. Reduce tire wear through the reasonable brake


When braking, the tread of heavy truck tyres rubs against the ground, which causes tyre wear. Therefore, the distance between vehicles should be maintained and unnecessary braking should be avoided during the driving process. At the same time, truck owners also need to pay attention to the depth of the tyre pattern, if the patterns are nearly rubbed down, the braking friction will be affected, and the tyres should be replaced in time.

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