Current Status of the Tire Industry

Current Status of the Tire Industry

In the market for big trucks, the tire industry is considered a low-frequency industry. In the era of internet+, where should the big truck tires go?

To do well in the entrepreneurial tire industry, we must first conduct market research on this industry and find the most popular and best-selling product brands in the industry to sell because obscure products won't be accepted by anyone.

Operating popular big truck tires

It is recommended to select popular big truck tires and then compare them with our tires, for example, by cutting cross-sections for comparison.

Every time a customer comes in, we can show them the difference, and if it is their own vehicle, they will definitely take good care of it and choose better tires.

Moreover, we can try to give examples of the damage and accidents caused by using inferior big truck tires.

For example, when using three unlicensed tires on rough roads, tire pressure may cause accidents such as vehicle tire blowouts, causing loss of time and cost, and even resulting in accidents that cause death and destruction.

Communicate with big truck drivers, highlight the advantages of big truck tires

It is recommended to collect and pay attention to tire-related news, image examples, printouts, and make them into notebooks to distribute to drivers who come to change tires. This way, we can popularize safety knowledge with drivers and make them aware of the hazards of unlicensed tires.

Even if they don't strongly support your product, at least we convey our sense of responsibility for customer safety, and do not make transactions that go against our conscience, and still plant a seed in the hearts of these customers.

Through this horizontal comparison, we can also highlight the advantages of our big truck tires, and drivers' interpersonal relationships are relatively strong, and they know many people, which makes it easier to form a word-of-mouth effect to pave the way for future markets.

Regarding the problem of repayment, the main reason is that our relationship with customers has not reached a certain level, so we need to build better relationships with them.

As long as customers come to our store to change big truck tires, we can help check whether other tires have any abnormalities for free. After all, sending services should be precise.

Some information on big truck maintenance and tire maintenance and repairs can also be sent to drivers regularly, so that they can also understand the situation of their own cars and popularize some traffic safety information.

Tyre distributors can help drivers who come to maintain big truck tires clean the cab and also help store items for free. These small actions can also touch the hearts of drivers.

We all know that driving is relatively boring, so we can prepare some small hard drives, download and copy some music, and get the kind of fast-paced songs that can uplift spirits, such as DJ.

If we can achieve these things, our relationship with drivers will become closer, and when it comes time to buy big truck tires, they will naturally be more willing to pay the bill, and they won't bargain too hard. After all, remembering all the things you have done for them, they would feel too embarrassed to negotiate too hard.

To establish a more extensive network of driver contacts, we can ask drivers to leave their contact information after changing their tires. First, it can make it convenient to bring them in as repeat customers, and second, it can establish a relationship.

We can also perform some benefit-driven actions for drivers. For example, offering a membership card, where big truck tire purchases reach a certain amount, can be used to claim rewards or cash back. They can also bring in a few customers, which would count towards their membership points.

By driving these incentives, they can help promote our products better because, after all, people need to eat, and they won't come to help promote without a reason.

Aside from that, we can choose to establish a cooperative relationship with nearby big truck repairing points, with complementary advantages, and referring customers to each other.

Tyre distributors can use a smile, human relationships, benefits, and multiple services to maintain relationships with potential big truck tire customers through the contact information they have collected.

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