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Bus Tire AR900

AR900 is Newly adopted technology and design provides even wear and higher mileage performance.The specially designed grooves provides excellent handling.

Abrasion Resistance
Fuel Saving
Grip Power

Features of Truck Tyre AR900

  1. Widened tread design and wear-resistant tread formula brings long mileage

  2. Four zigzag grooves with special shallow groove design  provide excellent handling

  3. Optimized tire contour design through mechanical model brings low rolling resistance and fewer fuel consumption

  4. Suitable for long-distance heavy-duty truck on all wheel positions and good roads such as highways

Wheel Positions of Truck Tyre AR900


Technical Parameters of Truck Tyre AR900

PatternSizePlyTread Depth

Load index/Speed Level
Load Capacity
Inflation Pressure
Standard Rim
AR90012R22.516PR14.5150/147 K3350(7385)3075(6780)830(120)9.00
AR90012R22.518PR14.5152/149 J3550(7830)3250(7160)930(135)9.00

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