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Bus Tire AR266 EN
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Bus Tire AR266

AR266 is a four circumferencial grooves with variable angle design which can offer excellent high speed performance.

Fuel Saving
Wet Slip Resistance
Low Noise

Features of Truck Tyre AR266

  1. Optimized tire contour design through mechanical model to improve tire durability .

  2. Special tread compound formula brings low rolling resistance and fuel consumption

  3. Outstanding wet skid resistance.

  4. Suitable for light truck on all wheel position and good pavement.

Wheel Positions of Truck Tyre AR266


Technical Parameters of Truck Tyre AR266

SizePlyTread Depth
Load index/Speed LevelLoad Capacity
Inflation Pressure
Standard Rim
12R22.516PR15.5150/147 K3350 (7385)3075 (6780)830 (120)9.00
12R22.518PR15.5152/149 K3550 (7830)3250 (7160)930 (135)9.00

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