Analysis of Retailing of Big Truck Tires

Analysis of Retailing of Big Truck Tires

1. Pain points of retailing of big truck tires

(1) The capital cost is high. First of all, no one is willing to prepare 200 tires at the same time. Besides, tires are time-sensitive products, so a large amount of capital and high cost will become the resistance to tire retailing.

(2) The tire has a shelf life problem. Compared with the oil that can be stored for 3 to 5 years, the tires will be greatly discounted after 2 years. Also, the SKU of a tire is much more complicated than that of oil.

(3) Online and offline competition are fierce. When customers enter the store to ask about the price of big truck tires, they will make comparisons. If the store has the same price as online retail, it will not make money, but if it does not sell, there will be a meager profit of 20 to 30 yuan, so the retail store has a very limited choice here.

(4) The professionalism of practitioners is not enough. The store often encounters a situation where the inside and outside of the tires are reversed when the vehicle enters the store for tire repair. This is because most repair shops do not pay enough attention to this aspect, and their professionalism is not particularly high.

(5) Inventory turnover. In the process of product operation, some stores can sell tires worth 500,000 yuan a month with tires of this value in stock;

Some stores have tires of 500,000 yuan in stock, and tyre distributors can only sell tires worth 200,000 yuan a month. From this perspective, the speed of inventory turnover will be a very important factor in selling tires.

In addition to these, there are also a series of pain points such as numerous brands, many customer choices, and low gross profit margins. To sum up, it is more difficult and more complicated to sell tires in stores than to change the oil.

This is also the reason why it is easier for stores to do shallow-level business such as quick repairs and maintenance, but it is difficult for deep-level businesses such as selling tires.

2. How to make money by selling big truck tires in retail stores?

(1) The number of tire sales × single gross profit = the money earned

(2) The number of car owners who do not buy tires × the sales of tires = the money earned

3. Retail solutions for big truck tires

To solve the pain points of tire retailing, there are two main aspects: one is to optimize the supply chain and product structure to find good tires; the other is to be professional and sell good tires.

If a store wants to sell tires well, it must first determine what brand of tires to sell and what products to sell. So, which are the good tires? First of all, the appearance should be good, and secondly, the quality should be good. The importance of quality of the big truck tires is placed in front of the appearance.

Because the tire is a safety part, "good quality" is particularly important. At this time, the store should choose a large factory and a good brand.

When choosing a brand, it depends on which tire companies are listed companies, including domestic and foreign companies. No listed company dares to lose sight of product quality.

The good appearance includes the tire pattern, etc. Because customers pay attention to the appearance, they can intuitively see whether the tire looks good or not, which affects their choice.

In general, good big truck tires should meet three requirements: good quality, good appearance, and good brand with good profit, which can meet customer needs.

Tire profit is extremely important. Now many stores are selling a single brand of tires, while other brands of tires are just temporarily sold. But in fact, they cannot meet customer needs. If you want to really do a good job in the tire business and generate profits, you need to carry out the planning of the supply chain.

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