Agriculture Tire AB612

AB612 is suitable for mountain or mining areas, as well as ordinary road at low speed.

  • low speed

  • mountain area

  • mining area

  • good grip

Abrasion Resistance
Load Carrying Capacity
Puncture Resistance

Features of Agriculture Tire AB612

1.Applicable to mountainous areas, mining areas and short-distance ordinary roads.

2.Good grip and high anti-cracking performance.

Technical Parameters of Agriculture Tire AB612

SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)Standard RimOverall Dimension(mm)Max Load(kg)Relevant Pressure(kpa)Category
Section WidthOverall  Dia
7.00-1612★★★★18.0 5.50F20077510601215630ID
6.50-1610★★18.0 5.50F1857509251060630ID

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