Agriculture Tire AB522

AB522, the sizes 6-12 are applicable to steer the wheel of the tractor which can provide superior stability.

  • tractor truck

  • wear-resistant

  • anti-blast

  • good stability

Abrasion Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Fuel Saving

Features of Agriculture Tire AB522

1. High-speed handling and stability

2. Super comprehensive response

3. Extreme performance traction

4. Durable and extensive tread life on the road

5. Excellent wear resistance

6. Strong anti-blast ability

This kind of bias ply tire on the street helps provide high comfort and mileage while you are driving. Running on hard and normal soils, Agriculture tire AB522 can reduce the damage on grassland. What is more, agricultural tyres are suitable for different weather conditions. As one of the reliable and professional tyre suppliers in China, we strive to meet the growing demand for tires for agriculture and make sure our customers can enjoy high quality at a reasonable tractor big tyre price.

Technical Parameters of Agriculture Tire AB522

SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)Standard RimOverall Dimension(mm)Max Load(kg)Relevant Pressure(kpa)Category
Section WidthOverall  Dia

Applications of Agriculture Tire AB522

Every farmer has something special with his agricultural tyres. Intelligent and superb farm tyres are provided by Aulice. As a leading manufacturer of flotation tires for agriculture, we spare no efforts to offer high-quality farm trailer tires and good service to broaden our tires markets. There are a variety of applications of tires such as tractors, harvesters, trailers, multifunctional municipal and agro-industrial tractors, implements and many others. Different sizes of farm implement tires for sale with great ground-grip can be used for mining, mountain area, beach and muddy working condition.

Why Choose Aulice Agriculture Tire AB522?

1. Excellent service life of tires for agriculture

Deep tread grooves reduce skidding and optimized rubber blends help reduce wear and significantly increase the life of the tractor tire. We promise you with guaranteed after-sale service.

2. A high performance of our ag tractor tires

Sharp longitudinal grooves allow strong traction even after the agriculture tire AB522 have worn out over a period of time. With deep grooves and wide tread tracks, the bias truck tires have good traction on both dry and wetland, while exerting low pressure on the ground.

3. Maximize farming productivity with agriculture tire AB522

High power agricultural tyres are often used for efficient farming on large farms.  The general agricultural tyres are designed for high-power tractors by having larger tread tracks than conventional tractor tires that run at low pressure.

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