A Pioneer Lighter for Production, Performing Good Deeds with Due Diligence!

A Pioneer Lighter for Production, Performing Good Deeds with Due Diligence!

Take the trouble to be a pioneer    Recording a member of the Communist Party from Hubei Aulice Tyre Co., Ltd

Lei Jun


His name is Leijun, a pioneer communist for production, a talented worker devoted to enterprise development and technology development. He is a dedicated and industrious electrician, a electrician dare to carry out technical innovation, repairing instead of reinput!

He was awarded as “Excellent Employee” consecutively in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2020; awarded as “Excellent Leader” in 2018 and 2021; won the first prize in Yangxin County Craftsman Vocational Skill Competition in 2020; won the second place in the fourth “RCB Cup” Huangshi Craftsman Vocational Skill Competition and Huangshi Skill Display Competition in 2020.

Shine a “light” with action, keep the role of model in mind

Once, he said to his workmates: Look at me and follow me ! The communist shall play the leading role. At the critical moment, no one can take the lead except the Communist. The words are more than just words. He really mean it. No matter day or night, even if it is midnight, he was always on call without any complaints; he will always appear at where the electrical equipment is out of order.

He is ensuring ample lighting for the company’s production, so the workmates would like to call him as “Electric Bulb”; Someone says he is like a “lamp”, lighting where he goes; thanks to him, the dark corners are brightened, and thus helping the works.


Site photo: the fourth on the left is Lei Jun.

Pioneering at energy saving and efficiency, exploring to improve quality

He kept in mind that the first duty of the Communist is to work for the Party, to work for enterprise. All he needs to do is do his job wholeheartedly. He always works ahead and thinks ahead in daily work or equipment malfunction maintenance; he has an eye for energy saving and innovation, and small technical transformation.

When there is a temporary fault in the factory circuit, he rushed to the production line with the fastest speed within the shortest time, despite the stormy weather. He used electrical measuring instrument to detect the fault, finding out where the fault of electrical line occurred, and eliminated it accurately.

When he found the fire pressure is lower than the standard, he upgraded the fire safety system immediately, forming “firewall” for the enterprise and escorting for production. He always keeps the mission and duties of Party members in mind, builds a safe production line, constantly optimizes the fire protection system, and completes every task seriously.

He is engaged with each part of production line, keep working and working. He expresses his loyalty to the Party and the enterprise with his actions, practicing his mission and responsibility with his original intention when he joined the Party.


Site photo

The red Party’s flag fluttering on the production line, keep learning the duties of Party members

Lei Jun remain loyal to the Party and to the Company all the time, clear and firm in his beliefs. He keeps the teachings of the Party in mind and always remember his role as a communist, resolutely fulfilling his obligations and guarding the Party; always keeps the vanguard role, proving that he lives up to the name of a communist with outstanding performance.

Facing his duties, he never retreats, vowing to build AULIE brand and striving to create greater value for the Company. While assisting the development of the enterprise, he is also devoted to make the brand better, greater and stronger, bringing greater economic benefits to Yangxin and more contribution to the society. Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. He proved the true, selfless dedication to the work with his actions.

A model is like a flag

He adheres to the original mission and constantly researches and develops

Be firm in his ideals and beliefs, keep development in mind

Successfully complete the key tasks of the Company

Strive for innovative development

Makes a positive contribution

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