4 Do's and Don'ts when Choosing a Brand at a Tire Shop

4 Do's and Don'ts when Choosing a Brand at a Tire Shop

When it comes to running a tyre shop, brand selection is a major issue. Nowadays, there are numerous tyre brands in the market, leading to difficulties for business owners in choosing the right brand. Properly matching brands is the key to a thriving business.

Many business owners are swayed by the promising prospects portrayed by manufacturers and choose to become dealers for one brand or franchise another. However, they soon realize that these brands don't suit their business, and instead lead to an overload of inventory for each brand. Therefore, brand selection is not just a technical task, but also a business strategy for owners.

Commercial tyres shops should have prominent brands, but not overdo it

For a commercial tyres shop, having a prominent brand to attract customers, as well as high quality  commercial tyres for sale, is necessary. A high profile brand will have a better chance of being recognized by customers. However, when choosing a brand, local economic conditions and brand recognition must be taken into consideration.

But, commercial tyres shops should not be overly obsessed with prominent brands. Many tyres shops overlook profits by only dealing with high profile brands. The biggest issue with these prominent brand tyres is that their prices are transparent and competition is fierce, leading to lower profit margins than smaller brand tyres. Tyres shops can use prominent brands to attract customers and smaller brand tyres to increase profits.

Commercial tyres shops should have brand matrices, not be stuck with one brand

Planning tyre brands for a tyre shop is crucial. Expensive tyres are difficult to sell, and those with better price-performance ratios are the easiest. Sales volume will not be too low or too high, and the target audience won't be too small. This type of tyre can be targeted as a mid to high-end tyre, which can effectively increase the flow of customers to the tyre shop.

Many salespeople at tyres shops like to fill their shops with only their tyres, ideally with no competitor. They do this by offering various discounts to encourage owners to become salespeople for their brand, making the tyre shop focused on one brand. Many shop owners are attracted to the potential profits, but are not aware of the difficulties that come with selling only one brand.

Commercial tyres shops should use major brands, but avoid using fake small brands

Affordable tyre brands are often sought after by consumers. When it comes to affordable tyre brands, the first thing that comes to mind is local tyre brands. Unlike foreign tyre companies, local brands are more easily accepted because they are self-owned, have more affordable prices, and offer good performance, which is more in line with the sales concepts of most people.

When there are too many competitors and competition is fierce, many commercial tyres shops focus on differentiation. They bring in unfamiliar brands, but the result is that differentiation without a market. Any tyre market will affect the way tyres shops conduct their business, where regional operating models have been in place for many years, which makes sense.

Commercial tyres shops should focus on profitable brands, and not always go for new ones

Tyres shops can try new brands, but money-making brands should always be prioritized. For ordinary car owners, a brand is an important factor in choosing a tyre shop, and tyre shop owners should not have too many discontinued brands. This is the basic guarantee for the success of tyre shop performance.

Consistency is crucial in order to cultivate old customers in tyres shops. The cost of acquiring new customers is actually high, so most tyres shops offer multiple brands. They will maintain about five brands, and each brand is positioned differently. When one brand is out of stock, then the shop will recommend other brands, while keeping different customer groups in mind when recommending different tyre brands. This is a necessary course for tyre shop owners.

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