12 Major Cases of Structural Damage to Big Truck Tires

12 Major Cases of Structural Damage to Big Truck Tires

As an important part of the vehicle, the performance of big truck tires is directly related to the truck's load carrying capacity and wear resistance. Inevitably, a variety of problems occur during driving because of the harsh environment in which they are used. These include not only normal wear and tear, but also structural damage.

As a truck driver, it is important to be aware of these issues to avoid being at a loss when your tires are in trouble. Many of the problems that occur with tires are not actually related to the quality of the tires themselves, but are caused by poor driving habits of the driver or external factors that lead to damage to the tires. Here, we can analyse the causes and types of tire wear and take appropriate preventive measures. Early prevention can be made to avoid unnecessary losses.

Some of the most common cases of structural damage to big truck tires and related analysis are introduced by Aulice Tyre for your reference.

1. Side drum explosion caused by sub-mouth cut

Characteristics: The sub-mouth part of the tire body anti-curtain cloth steel wire is cut, causing the corresponding side radial drum burst.

Reason: the sub-mouth area was cut by sharp objects, resulting in the sub-mouth area of the tire body anti-curtain cloth steel wire fracture. Under the action of pressure, the fracture of the tire body steel wire end points constantly stretch and flex, resulting in the side of the tire radial drum burst and the steel wire fracture.

2. Side puncture

Characteristics: The tire side is irregularly split, with punctures, scratches, or obvious foreign body extrusion marks.

Reasons: The side of the tire is punctured by sharp objects when driving, or there is a foreign object extrusion between the two tires when both tires are used.

3. Abnormal wear

Characteristics: Irregular wear of the tire crown.

Reasons: Tires not regularly replaced, poor condition, directional tyres not regularly mounted, improper rims and other factors.

4. Puncture blast

Characteristics: Fan-shaped burst on the side of the tire, and there is an obvious puncture mark at the crown corresponding to the burst.

Reason: The crown part of the tire is punctured, puncturing the tire body cord fabric, resulting in a split in the tire body cord fabric layer from inside to outside, and bursting from the split under pressure.

5. Puncture injury delamination

Characteristics: sharp objects pierce the crown of the tire with the bundle layer of steel wire; the shoulder rubber and steel wire bundle layer from.

Reason: Sharp objects pierce the steel wire in the crown section, resulting in water, ash, sand, etc. infiltrating, and the user does not check and deal with it in time, resulting in rusting and delamination of the end point of the belt layer.

6. Crown top burst

Characteristics: The crown is strongly torn burst.

Reasons: tire in the overload and high speed state, driving in the state of high pressure, and the strong impact of obstacles.

7. Impact burst

Characteristics: crown burst, the corresponding inner "I" shape crack.

Reasons: when driving the crown on uneven road, or obstacles strong impact and burst.

8. Side tire abrasion

Characteristics: Shoulder circumferential abrasion, visible tire body cord.

Reasons: when driving on road with hard abrasions, extremely bad using conditions, car parts against the side of the body, resulting in circumferential mechanical abrasions.

9. Hard injury of tread pattern

Characteristics: The tread pattern of the tyre crown is pierced by sharp objects, the damage can be seen with the bundle layer.

Reasons: Driving on bad road, tread is cut by bad sharp objects; or scratch the crown rubber, causing the tread groove to crack or crown rubber off block.

10. Puncture blast

Characteristics: "zip" burst on tire side, obvious stabbing and scratch marks in the burst or the corresponding crown.

Reason: tire side or the corresponding crown was punctured, resulting in fracture of the tyre body wire cord, strength drop, blasting occurs.

11. Puncture

Characteristics: Crown puncture, tire cord local fracture and disconnected from the body of the tire.

Reason: When driving, sharp objects pierce the tire body, causing the tire body local steel wire fracture.

12. Tire body cord fracture

Characteristics: The tire body cord is broken throughout the week.

Reason: The tire is crushed and cracked due to insufficient air pressure.

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